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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety


XVM is one of the biggest and most competitive retail stores in the country. It comprises 200 personnel ranging from the drivers, cashiers, managers and watchmen. It is a business entity that deals with a variety of commodities. Good management and achievement of the entity over the years has been attributed to strict observation of occupational health and safety. It has been commended to be among the best in observation of these regulations, procedures and high level of clients’ and workers’ satisfaction.

caution notices in the danger areas, availing fire extinguisher cylinders in case there will be a fire breakout, and any other applicable measure that will be deemed appropriate to maintain the safety of the employees.The management would communicate to workers regarding the store’s about WHS policies and emergency procedures by providing

An institution will provide the return formula for its employees after they have experienced any tragedy or accident in terms of compensation, getting the necessary counselling and treatment attention and given work that they can be able to perform afterwards in case the accident resulted in disability of the individuals (