Offshore Call Center Management Essay Example

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Offshore Call Center Management


The call center plays a significant role in terms of addressing the issues being brought about by the customers. Proper management of the call center is required in order to satisfy the clients. This is because the clients depend on the call center for the purposes of solving their problems. The role played by the team leader determines the success of the call center. The paper discusses the management of an offshore call center of a company dealing with financial services. It basically looks at the management of the call center for the first ninety days.


During the first one week it will be important to know the members of staff as well as their details. This is for the purposes of establishing the strengths and weaknesses of each employee as it is important during the managing of the staff members. The academic qualifications of each of the staff member will also be established during the first week. This is for the purposes of determining the training needs of the staff members. The number will also be established for the purposes of decision making as whether to hire more staff or not. The preparations for the training will them be done after the information regarding the staff members has been gathered. The training of the employees will then be conducted in shifts for the next ten days. This will ensure that the employees are able to fully perform their duties. The training of the employees will be conducted by experts to ensure that the customers fully benefit from the services of the employees.

Additional members of staff will also be recruited at this point and they will also have to undergo the training. The preparation of the staffing needs will be done after the training so as to enable the employees to work effectively. The staffing needs are important as call centers usually have high turnovers (Mehrotra, et al, 2010). The schedule adherence for the employees will be prepared during the training and the employees are expected to adhere to the schedule at all times. The schedule is for the purposes of benefiting the clients. The management of the employees is an important concept that will require a lot of managerial techniques. It is also the responsibility of the mangers to asses the performance of each employee in order to come up with an appraisal report regarding the employee.

After the employees have settled and the operations have begun, an appraisal plan will be drafted and implemented after the first thirty days. A motivational plan for the employees is also important for boosting their morale and hence improving their performance. The motivational process will be continuous for the next remaining days. This is because the employees in the cal center have to be in a jovial and good mood at all times so as to attend to the customers effectively. This is also consideration that most of the customers calling the center are usually frustrated and may not be polite enough. A quality program will then be established after forty five days. The quality program is for the purposes of ensuring that the employees are able to offer the best services to the customers. The quality program will involve the supervision of the experts in order to produce the best results. Monitoring of the quality program should also be done on a continuous basis after it has been established this is for the purposes of ensuring that improvements are made on a continuous basis (Garnett, et al, 2002).

The service levels also require monitoring after the quality program has been put in place. Incentives for the best employees will also be established after sixty days and implemented on a monthly basis. A reward system is for the purposes of motivating the employees and hence improving the performance. The review of costs, services, strategies and finances will then be done after the ninety days. The review is for the purposes of establishing the success of the strategies and areas of improvement. It is important to involve the experts in the review of the strategies used. The feedback from the customers is also necessary during the review of the strategies. The adoption of the strategies is dependant on its rate of success.


In conclusion, it is evident that the strategies used to manage the call center determine the success of the operations. It is also evident that the call center requires a well motivated staff in order to perform the duties effectively. The details of the employees are also required in order to manage the employees. The review of the performance of the employees is for the purposes of making improvements. It is also evident that the establishment of a quality program enhances the services of the call center. The services of experts are required during the process and should be done on a continuous basis. It is thus evident that the management of the call center requires a lot of commitments as well as resources.


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