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Design basic organisational documents using computing packages ICAICT205A Essay Example

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Details of Subject
Qualification ICA20111Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
Office Application Packages Part A
Details of Unit(s) of competency
Unit Code ICAICT203A Operate application software packages
Design basic organisational documents using computing packagesICAICT205A
Details of Student
Student Declaration: I declare that the work submitted is my own, and has not been copied or plagiarised from any person or source. Signature: ___________________________

Date: _______/________/_______________

Details of Assessor
Assessor’s Name
Assessment Outcome
off app 3 1off app 3 2Satisfactory Not Satisfactory

Progressive feedback to students, identifying gaps in competency and comments on positive improvements:

Student Declaration: I declare that I have been assessed in this unit, and I have been advised of my result.

I also am aware of my appeal rights and reassessment procedure.

Signature: ____________________________

Date: ____/_____/_____

Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriate feedback

off app 3 3Student did not attend the feedback session.

Feedback provided on assessment.

Signature: ____________________________

Date: ____/_____/_____

Part A – Written

Task 1 (2 Marks)

  1. Explain how the use of the following can assist with the creation of workplace templates:
    1. Styles: when creating a template, the designer applies styles that he wants all the documents based on the template to have.
    2. Electronic Forms: they provide a layout which guides in entering data to complete a document
    3. Slide Masters: they are used in Microsoft PowerPoint to store slide layout, style and themes of a presentation (Microsoft Office). Therefore, once used as a template, they help in making presentations based on the desired layout, theme and style.
  1. Outline the approval processes required before template can be created and stored within your workplace.

Firstly, the person creating the template presents the proposal to the IT manager alongside the design brief. The IT manager goes through the proposal and if worthwhile, he approves it giving the designer the go ahead to make the template. Once the template is done, it is sent to the IT manager who reviews it, tests it and if satisfactory, he approves it allowing the designer to save it.

Part B – Scenario/Observation

Task 1 (3 Marks)

  1. In at least three different software applications, create templates/slide masters that can be used to meet documentation or other requirements within your workplace. You can use Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ns PowerPoint as they are the widely used software applications
  2. Save templates/slide masters to your assessment folder.
  3. Document the design requirements followed in the creation of the templates (corporate fonts, colours, etc).
  4. Create an instruction sheet how to use the templates/slide masters for creating documents.
  5. Access the templates/slide masters built above and create two documents from each.

Ms Word Template

A new document was opened. In the header, the company’s logo and addresses were inserted after which the title section of the memo was designed and formatted. Page layout was set to 2.5 cm all round and the document saved as a template

The template is for managing work. Each supervisor is supposed to create a document using this template which he/she can use to manage his/or her employees’ work by entering the title of the work, name of assigned employee and expected completion date. Using this information, a function created will calculate time remaining to the deadline. A blank excel document was opened and saved as a template named Work Management Sheet. Guiding information was the entered showing where employees will enter data. The function, =IF(E116=»Completed»,»N/A»,TEXT(D116-NOW(),»d:h:mm»)), was entered for calculating time remaining. If the work has been completed, the answer is N/A. Format was applied and the document saved.

Ms PowerPoint

A blank PowerPoint presentation was opened. On the View Tab and under the Master Views group, Slide Master was clicked, which opened some layouts. The best layout was selected, changes made to it and then saved as a template known as Presentations.

Task 2 (5 Marks)

. Create a new workbook and name it off app 3 4aStudentName_StudentID_Assessment 3.xlsx. and enter the following information:

  1. Save the spreadsheet as Home Budget.xlsx

. Utilise various formatting tools to format the spreadsheet as follows: off app 3 5c

d. On the spreadsheet, perform the following:

  1. Use an addition formula in cell B7 to add the income totals in column B

Use the Fill Handle to complete the same formula in columns C and D

  1. Use the Autosum function to add the Expense totals in column B

Use the Fill Handle to complete the same function in columns C and D

  1. Use a subtraction formula to calculate the Net total in cell B15

Use the Fill Handle to complete the same formula in columns C and D

  1. Use a multiplication formula to calculate a savings amount of 25% of the Net amount in Cell B16
  2. Use the Fill Handle to complete the same formula in columns C and D
  3. Use a subtraction formula to calculate the Spending total in cell B18
  4. Explain to your supervisor/assessor how you would notice and rectify any formula errors discovered

Errors are associated with error messages, which have a flag at the side of the cell containing the error. By pointing this flag, the reason for error is displayed, which can then be used to rectify the error.

  1. Adjust the width of columns B, C & D to a column measurement of 12
  2. Bold the Spending totals in Row 18 by copying the bold format from cell A3.
  3. Insert a header with your name in the left tab and your company name in the right tab
  4. Insert a footer with the date on the left tab and the subject name in the right tab
  5. Save the spreadsheet as an HTML file
  6. Print Home Budget.xlsx in landscape layout and attach to this assessment tool as evidence


Task 3 (8 Marks)

  1. Create a new worksheet and name it live weight. Enter below data.

off app 3 6

  1. Format sheet accordingly and use AutoFill to create the sequential numbers in column A
  2. Now calculate the Actual Weight of product in column D by using Absolute Cell Referencing
  3. Create a new worksheet and name it Woff app 3 7 endys. Enter below data.
  1. Use the columns computer and No.Sold to create a 3D pie chart
  2. Display percentages in the pie chart
  1. off app 3 8Create a new worksheet and name it Fat Freddie. Enter below data.
  1. Apply AutoFilter to display stores with sales greater than $3 million. Turn off AutoFilter once done
  2. Sort the database in ascending order by state, then by city
  3. Apply automatic subtotals to the sorted database so that sum of 200sales is displayed for every change in state. Your sheet should appear as:

Task 4 (5 Marks)

  1. reate a new worksheet Task4 in the Workbook «off app 3 9C StudentName_StudentID_Assessment 3.xlsx. » enter the following data. The following worksheet displays car rental details for Con’s Car Rentals
  1. Enter formulas to calculate
  • Days Rented
  • Kilometres Travelled
  • Rental Fee
  • Total rental Fees

Rental fee is calculation based on days rented and kilometres travelled

Rental Fee =($20 x Days rented)+(Kilometres Travelled x Car Category rate)

Hint: You could either use VLOOKUP or IF function to insert the car category rate.


You must submit:

Submission: (2 Marks)

  • Create a Folder with name StudentName_StudentID_Assessment 3.
  • All answers from Part A will be saved in a word document named Answers.docx
  • Save Answers.docx, StudentName_StudentID_Assessment 3.xlsx in a folder name: StudentName_StudentID_Assessment 3.
  • Ask for feedback from your trainer and modify document accordingly.
  • Print all documents from part A and attach it to your assessment as evidence
  • Submit soft copies and hard copy.

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