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The four disciplines that contribute to organizational behavior are;

(a) Psychology

(b) Social psychology

(c) Sociology

(d) Anthropology.

Psychology as a science attempts to measure, explain and to some extent change human behavior as well as those of other animals. Individual’s reactions to various emotive happenings influences an organization. When a person is extremely happy or extremely sad, such emotions affects the productivity.

Social psychology which is a branch of psychology blends the concept of sociology and psychology. It mainly focuses on individuals influence on one another. One person’s action can influence the actions of another person. How people communicate in an organization influences the behaviors of the others. A person’s behavior can be observed as an organizational policy or action.

Sociology this field studies people with relation to their social surroundings or culture. Business organizations adopts the activities, actions and the attitude of other members of the organization. Studying culture provides significant insights into expected actions in an organization.

Anthropology studies societies to gain knowledge about human beings and their daily activities. Family life may affect the efforts of a worker. An organization to be successful it must address individual needs of a worker by for instance setting the number of working hours, offer day care and flexible time solutions