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Lab Report 4

Assignment 1

Comments for each page/information provided in the students report

Good general introduction to the topic of research

Proper in text referencing and acknowledgement of sources of information.

A clear relation to the previous research on the topic, give more relationship illustration.

Appropriate sentence structure and grammar usage.

The hypothesis is well presented but you have not mentioned clearly what is missing in the previous researches.

Understandable illustrations for the method of data collection and analysis

The results of the study are well illustrated using graphs and realistic data relationship explanations

Excellent conclusion , challenges influencing research accuracy are mentioned with suggested solutions

Good attempt on APA referencing, look into punctuation mistakes

Data well linked to current research, however, indicate clearly what should be done next.

The tools of measurement are not mentioned.

Good report format.

General comments

You seem to understand the format of a report this being the first assignment. Your introduction is well linked to previous studies and your hypothesis. Also you have shown competence in referencing methods. Keep up the good work; consider the comments given.

Assignment 2

Comments for each page/information provided in the students’ report

Fair introduction to the topic, give a general view and adequate background information.

Previous research results is not well mentioned and no explanation given.

Poor in texting format with inappropriate acknowledgement of research sources of information

Avoid quoting information, paraphrase the major points

Summarize the hypothesis; avoid giving too much information at this level.

Identify whatever that is missing in previous research

The research data collection method is fairly illustrated but be exact on the measurement tools that you used.

Fair grammar and sentence structure but ensure that connectors are used appropriately to relate information

Good data presentation in graphs and adequate data analysis

A fair attempt to the conclusion with challenges influencing the results mentioned

Fair APA referencing, but consider the format closely

The format of a report has been maintained

General comments

Your report has the right format with a fair attempt to illustrate all the fundamental aspects. Look into the comments given to guide you in the areas that gave you difficulties. Good attempt this being your first assignment of this nature.

Assignment 3

Comments for each page/information provided in the students’ report

A shallow introduction to the topic of study, provide a general view with background information.


Previous research on the topic is not mentioned and acknowledged.


The format of a report is not adhered to; the assignment is presented as an essay.

The hypothesis is not objective as to what you expect at the end of the research.

Methods of data collection are not well described in addition to data measurement tools


No acknowledgements given to sources of information used in the research; in texting is not done

Poor sentence construction and paragraph co-ordination.

Fair data presentation in graphs but there are no comparison statements given to analyze the data.

Fair conclusion; mention the challenges affecting data accuracy.


You have not identified whatever that is missing from previous research.


No references given as a fundamental research requirement.

Paraphrase major points and avoid direct information transfer from the sources.

General comments

You have difficulties in report writing in regards to the format. Segment your work into introduction, methods, results, discussion and references. Acknowledge all the sources of information used to avoid consideration of plagiarism. Consider the comments given closely.