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Nuclear Power 4

Articles on Nuclear Power

Articles on Nuclear Power


Nuclear energy has not been used significantly by people in the world . According to the article; The Case for Nuclear Power by Gary Was, nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions to get energy. Its generation is in a number of countries such as China, India, South Korea and Russia. On the other hand, Diesendorf, in his article; Accidents, Waste and Weapons: Nuclear Power is not worth the Risks, argues. This essay will analyze the two articles and my view about them.

Articles Analysis – Nuclear power

In United States, there are only ninety nine nuclear plants spread over 30 states (Was 2015). When producing nuclear power, there are some risks to the environment, the public and to financial solvency of utilities. Since the start of commercial nuclear plant in the US, about 50 years ago, there have been no accidents concerning members of the public. This means that nuclear power’s safety is high and risks to human beings are low. Only three major accidents related to nuclear power have been witnessed in the world. These are Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011 (Was 2015). The consequences of these accidents were major but not like what people think. The occurrence of such accidents is minimal compared to other sources of power such as coal, which emits greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. In his article, Was says that nuclear waste is in solid form, small in volume but very toxic. It has to be stored safely in a monitored, retrievable storage. The risk in nuclear plant operation will always be present, but it is one of the world’s most monitored activities (Was 2015).

argues that reactors that are capable of reducing greenhouse gases are commercially not available. Reactors in the production of nuclear energy play a very significant role in emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Production of nuclear energy lead to development of nuclear weapons (Diesendorf 2015). Countries that produce nuclear energy have the capacity to make nuclear weapons and this raises concern on security and human life. Gases emitted during production of nuclear power pose a challenge in causing death and disabilities. Production of nuclear energy is very expensive. The reactors involved are expensive in acquiring them as well as maintaining. Safeguarding the nuclear waste for a very long time makes its production lack viability. Due to these factors, many countries in the world such as Denmark, Germany and South Australia prefer renewable energy (Diesendorf 2015). Nuclear Power is not worth the Risks,: Accidents, Waste and WeaponsOn the other hand, Diesendorf, in his article;


From my own point of view, Gar Was in his article about nuclear energy is advocating for the increased use and production of nuclear energy. I feel it has shown the positive side of production and consumption of nuclear power. The article portrays nuclear energy as a non-pollutant of the environment compared to other sources of energy. Accidents related to nuclear energy production and usage have been shown to be minimal. Additionally, risks involved as well as storage of waste products have been displayed to be safe and economical therefore encouraging continued use of nuclear energy. I also feel that Diesendorf has portrayed the negative aspect of nuclear energy. The increased manufacture of weapons, diseases, deaths as well as disabilities has been shown to be as a result of nuclear energy. Therefore, I feel that the nuclear energy should not be used as a source of energy due to high risks involved.


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