Not for profit governance. case 1. Essay Example

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‘Case 1’

BYH’s current mission and business model

BYH current mission is to glean, grow and gather fresh vegetables and fruits and distribute them to program areas so as to assist disadvantaged groups in the society such as the disabled, senior citizens and low income groups in the society. This will empower the members and get decent living. The set of principles which guide the mission include; small things matter, food grows communities and planet deserves good food.

The other mission was to increase awareness to the local people of food security issues in the region such as access and availability to food. The business model was built around the slogan of ‘Grow more to Share more.’

Options available for BYH to fund its programs and possible expansion

The organization and trademark will be source of funds for the BYH. The application for awards and grants were meant to secure funds for the organization. National recognition awards brought a cash prize of $2,500 besides the BYH, received local community foundation donation of $1,500 and individual donations.

Appreciation and donation of cut flowers to individuals making a donation at the market and registration of trees for market operations supported funding for programs. Food banks were places for distributing donations to purchase food for the need. Senior meal programs were essential socialization, volunteering and combating loneliness. Early learning services were handy in providing childcare and preschool services to individuals with disability and providing an environment for optimal development.

BYH had a fiscal sponsorship which was used to expand fundraising ability via tax-deductible deductions (private), and grants. A combination of fundraising events, foundation grants and individual gifts was a supportive factor to aid programs of the organization.

Possible expansion will be ideal with availability of funds and clear definition of business model to be adopted. The business model will attract funding ad makes it relatively easy to manage budget. Senior citizens programs will attract members of corporate to support the organization through injection of funds to boast the operations.

Recommendation for national growth

National growth of the organization would be possible through preservation mechanisms for foods to be used during winter. The increase in collection and distribution of produce is a success factor. This will prepare the organization for national expansion. National expansion was possible through need to increase distribution and collecting efforts. This is through acquisition of graphics, name and logo, web site and other practical marketing support. The nationalization aspect will give BYH a professional look

There was need to define control and support frameworks for the organization in need to expand. There is need to focus on operations advice and marketing of food products. Expansion will be possible with the existence of financial models ad organization structure which will sustain business model chapters in the long run.

There exists market brand and issuance of the right to use the logo name will fast track expansion efforts to other areas.

National expansion is recommended to increase market penetration and network empowerment of efforts of the BYH. Presence of effective organization structures will guide expansion programs. This is especially to adopted business models and sources of financing, control and scope of activities to be carried out by the national and community level.

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