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Payment of an employee’s rent

To reduce expenses on the worker who went out work duties in Bendigo and stayed in a $195 weekly rent for 12 weeks totaling to $2340 the Geoff had three options. The first option he would have looked for a cheaper house to live in within the outcasts or in Bendigo city with a rent quotation of $50-$70 fee per week. Which will be total of $600- $840 in the end of 12 weeks that would then mean that the company will have saved $1740- $1500 which can then be tunneled to other activities. Alternatively, the employee would have been hired with the laws in the contract stating that the worker will be responsible for all the expenses incurred while in line of work. This means that the company wouldn’t be responsible for any movement that the employee makes. Lastly, the manager would have requested to squeeze up his workers activities into a month. For example the activities that cover up to 12 weeks can be rescheduled to cover six weeks only. Alternatively, the activities could be done online through teleconferencing. This would only require internet and the presence of the other party. Its advantages are the parties will get to see each other one on one as if they were in the same room whereby they can also observe each other’s facial expression. This will be very cheap for the company.

Payment of legal fees on an ex-employee case

While filling suing an ex-employee for theft of confidential information, the company is not supposed to pay any legal fee as much $8,569. The company is only supposed to pay a small legal fee for the documentation and listening of the case an estimated amount of $1000. Then the ex-employee should pay the rest of the amount in accordance to the ruling. The fee of $8,569 would highly increase the expenses of the company and it isn’t an activity that would benefit the company. Alternatively, the company would let go of the case since it is very expensive and information that has been pass on has been passed on. The only thing that will be needed would be training or teaching the workers on how to be loyal in their works in is accordance to the (2016) FCCA 2225.

Payment of fine from Environmental Protection Authority

Notably, ATO ID 2004/944, defends the sued party from being fined any amount of cash by the prosecutor until the case has been listened in court and decided upon. This is to mean that the NML Ltd should not pay $25,000 to the Environmental Protection Authority. It should only pay $12,000 as the legal fees so that the case can be decided upon. It is obvious that the court would rule against NML Company to mean that they would pay the fine in either way. So the best alternative would be for the company to accept their mistake and request for an agreement. In the agreement the company would propose Environmental Protection Authority to spread their fine that the company can pay the fine after every three months or in an yearly basis. Hence the company will be able to organize itself well.

The building of the company’s reputation

The so many other ways of the company restoring its reputation. This is inclusive of developing good corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR means that the company is interacting with its customers freely and without expecting payment it is mainly aimed at creating a positive change. ATO ID 2004/213, states that CSR is inclusive of workplace giving, challenge based fundraising, corporate donations, in-kind support, industry sustainability, and environmentally sustainable programs. This would cost the company less as compared to paying the local football club a summation of $5,000 which is a huge sum of money. Better still; the company can invest in forms of advertisement. For example, frequent examples via the television and on radio, making posters on legal noticeboards hence drawing people’s attention. Alternatively, if the company’s name is greatly tarnished, the company can consider changing their name so as to pay off the bad reputation with the previous name. This would be a long-term decision and it would solve the problem to a greater extent.

Lump sum payments

ATO ID 2003/707 about the payment of lump sum amount of funds, the law advices the following decisions as the best methods to solve the problem. NML company decision to pay a lump sum of $55,000 is an irrational decision that can cause the company greater harm than good. Paying such an amount of money all at once can lead the company to bankruptcy since the company has other activities to manage rather than paying the drilling company. Hence it is necessary that the company makes an agreement with the drilling company that they will pay a quarter of the money every month. This would then lift the burden of the company hence they can be able to comfortably pay the expected amount monthly. The same decision would apply for the decision to paying a sum of $259,035 so as to acquire gold tenement for three years. The company would have a monthly agreement on the fee to pay. In accordance to income tax law on Aurthur Murray(18) any income that has been paid before completion of work is not considered assessable income.


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