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Newsletter Editing 4

Newsletter Editing & Business PR Texts


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been a great challenge to infants. In the recent, researchers from Children’s National Health System have managed to identify head circumference and head tilting reflex as key aspects in identifying ASD in children between 9 and 12 months. The ease of identifying children with ASD is defined by age where by the older they are the easier it is to be identified. In essence, children can be easily identified for ADS from age two years. In spite of this, U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention claims that most children are not identified until age four.

While concerns have been raised over the screening process, parents have been using a questionnaire to provide details of their children. This questionnaire is known as M-CHAT and must be properly interpreted by the healthcare officer. In spite of the progress that has been made so far, there is no reliable screening tool that can be used to identify ASD in children less than a year.

Results & Discussion

In this particular research, there are two main aspects that were monitored in relation to assessing ASD. One of the aspects is assessing of head tilting. The other commonly used assessment is the head circumference and they are undertaken by respective care providers. This screening was done to 1000 children ranging from 4months to 9months. The results indicated that 75% of the children failed the head tilting reflex exercise and therefore indicated were at high risk of ASD. These were supposed to be evaluated by a specialist in order to differentiate various disorders. The following are the results:

Abnormal results

developmental language delay

14 (93%) confirmed at age 3

Conclusion & Recommendation

The results above points to the need for physicians to continue having a closer look at these children in relation to ASD risk. It is important to identify children with ASD and other delays in order to organize for appropriate intervention means.

Article 2

Client Activity Report

As a PR firm, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive optimal publicity as a means of boosting their sales revenue. During last month, a lot of activities were undertaken on behalf of our client Happy Pup Company. Top on the list of the various activities undertaken is communicating the brand of the firm to the target audience. One of the platforms that were used extensively last month is social media. The social media has proven to be a trend mover when it comes to communicating the brand of the company. The Face-book page was created specifically for Happy Pup Company. During the period, the comments posted on the page and likes have been followed keenly as a way of trying to understand the needs of customers. In addition, digital communication like TV advertising has also been used extensively as a way of strengthening the brand of the company. Inasmuch as this channel is seen as expensive, the feedback from customers and potential customers is quite overwhelming after the campaign. The company has confirmed increased inquiry calls from different customers in relation to the various products being offered. This is an indication of effectiveness of the various publicity activities undertaken during last month.

Another activity that was achieved during the period is corporate sponsorship. The move by the company to sponsor the construction of new vet clinic at the University of Adelaide was a corporate sponsorship program. The program was meant to act as publicity activity on the part of the organization and was advised appropriately by the PR agency. The end result is the reduced service fee for the community around. This is the perfect positioning strategy that showcases the company as the one committed to ensuring animal welfare. Such activities indicates the progress that the company has made so far and the milestone that will be attained soon due to good public relations.