Nature vs Nurture Essay Example

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Nature Vs Nurture


Nature helps in identifying the life and the behavior of human in the real life. Nurture on the other hand helps in developing and shaping the behavior of people. Therefore, nature and nurture influence the personality of a person in different ways. There is an interaction between nature and nurture which hinders a circumstance to happen if one of the two is eliminated. The following essay tries to examine nature and nurture and how the two contribute to the human development.

Definition of Nature, its Source, and Whether it Makes Sense Today

Nature refers to the original or the natural way. Therefore, according to the analysis of human behavior, the character can, therefore, be just defined as the genes which have inherited in a generation. Nature is believed to have its origin from creation by the Supreme Being God. Nature plays a significant role in the society today as it acts as a contributing factor of some of the things that are happening on the earth. For example, by examining a case of two identical twins, one twin may develop a fever, it is naturally believed that the other twin will develop a fever in the next few days, nature has therefore acted as a contributing factor in this case, and therefore, does make sense in the current life (Marler and Slabbekoorn).

The Influence of Nature on Personality

Genetic inheritance determines the personality of an individual. Certain behaviors can be found to be common among people who are known to be of similar genes. Therefore, these behaviors cannot be common to individuals who are strangers and do not share any genes at all. For example, two identical twins might be reared far apart from each other. An examination of their behavior can be done, and it is very common that there must be behaviors in the two twins which will be identical to each other. It is because of genetic inheritance, which is found in twins that makes them have a typical behavior (Marler and Slabbekoorn).

The Influence of Nurture on Personality

Personality in human can be influenced by nurturing the behavior of people. By observing the behavior of different individuals brought up in various environments, one can clearly understand that personality in people can be nurtured (Marler and Slabbekoorn). Two brothers might be reared under different circumstances, one in an atmosphere that offers to teach to him that nothing comes on a silver platter and therefore one should work hard to get what is needed for success in life. The other brother might be reared in an environment where accessing a particular requirement in life does not require much hard work but working smart. The personality in the two brothers will, therefore, be very different due to the environment each one of them has been brought up. Behaviors in the two brothers have been changed by the environment or the life experiences each one of them has gone through. Nurturing can, therefore, influence humanity (Marler and Slabbekoorn).

The Interaction Between Nature and Nurture

The interaction between nature and nurture is evidenced by the relationship between environment and heredity and examining how the two interact in contributing to the behavior or the state of people. According to Marler and Slabbekoorn, each and every spices profit from an environment in one way or the other and responding to the changes in that particular environment in different ways. A student may be brought up in a family where there are brilliant people whom at last end in the most fruitful and well-paying careers in the job market. However, the student may be dazzling but if the student enrolls in an institution which does not provide support for the student to attain marks required to join the best careers like others in the family (Marler and Slabbekoorn). The above example serves as an example of interaction between nature and nurture.

Bright Example of Nature

An example of life is the height of people in different families. A family might consist of very tall people while individuals in another family might be very short. The second example is that of skin color. Some people are born white, while others are born black. The color in these individuals is passed on through hereditary means, and are determined by the color of the biological parents.

Bright Example of Nurture

The first example to clearly indicate this how parents control the behavior of children. If children are punished and brought up in the right manner, they will end up behaving accordingly. The second example is that of a person who joins a gang because of being raised in an environment where criminal activities are typical.


In brief, human being’s behavior is determined by the context that one comes from. However, these behaviors are set by the genes and the environment. Therefore, the essay can be concluded by stating that nature and nurture contribute to the development of different human behavior in different individuals.

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