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Narrative Monologue

Narrative Monologue From a Character Ike Weir, In Film the Boxer 1997

Of course, I think Danny has wasted his boxing talent when he got locked up for fourteen years. I am the last person who could believe that Danny was guilty of anything when he went to jail, as I understand things; I think Danny served fourteen years for us – his fellows for covering up for us.

However, anyway, the past is the past, and we should not dwell on that not unless we are talking about Danny’s past. I think if Danny trains hard and gets in the right shape and physique of the boxer he was, then we can bring cash home and of course shame these devils – the IRA. It is most definitely evident by the way his son Liam showcases the boxing prowess that runs in the blood.

I of all people respect all people, and most definitely I appreciate my fighters. I am amazed by the fact that not only that Danny recognizes me back, but he works extra hard to get fit for boxing. The effort that he puts in the constant training shows how enthusiastic he is about the sport. This guy has the drive that he trains like a mad man I think just like me Danny knows that you get out what you put in, and he does nothing easy. It is very hard for athletes because there comes a time when they are fit and other times that they are unfit. Danny trains hard until he is in the right shape for the fight regardless the fact that he has not been in the game for so long.

He has a particular personality that is filled with drive and discipline that I have never seen with any other fighter. He changes like a chameleon and molds himself. Danny is a fighter. I know fighters who have not trained this hard even in times of more tough tournaments. When I look around the United Kingdom, Danny can take on any of the top ten middleweights and win.

I think the time he has served in prison has changed him because of all the introversion. Maybe he gets the same comfort in boxing as he used to get in jail – I think. His usefulness to the rules in prison might have influenced his discipline in all this training. The gym is like a sanctuary to Danny, I mean after all the crazy things happening in his life – well apart from his lovely girlfriend Maggie, he can punch the bag and partly get away from the stress.

Danny always follows the rules of the game; I think he hopes that people will be naturally lured to the nobility of the game. He believes that not following the rules has brought all this state of terrorism – because people do not care about the future. While boxing, Danny is going to learn how to face his fears and maybe he will change the current state of things because boxing brings out the fear in a person in a way that the boxer has to face it by protecting himself against the opponent. However, Danny has to learn that he does not have to be afraid that in turn, he has to be able to counter the fear by the urge to win.

At least with boxing, Danny will be able to face his innermost fears in an actual situation. The test is what he will choose between winning the big fight in London or pummeling the other fighter. I know it will help build his character. I know Danny trusts me because I can tell by his character on and off the ring. I have to motivate him and mentor him; we will do this together. I know I am no longer in a position to fight, and I have a few many drinks sometimes, but he will stand by me.