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Poster: workplace bullying


This poster seeks to explore the workplace bullying in the nursing fraternity in Australia. The poster provides a discussion of the nature of workplace bullying whereby the prevalence, description, types, and the forms of workplace bullying are illustrated. The paper also provides an analysis of the factors that cause and exacerbate workplace bullying in nursing practice. The poster identified that factors such as level of experience, race, religion, and gender among other affiliation are the leading cause of workplace bullying. However, the poster notes that organization’s failure to have policies governing the welfare of nurses, reporting mechanisms and disciplinary strategies for the perpetrators promotes the spread workplace bullying. The poster also explores the prevention and control strategies whereby awareness campaigns and policies on reporting and punishing offenders are discussed. The paper found out that workplace bullying has major implication for nurses and provision of nursing services. The direct impact of workplace bullying affects the nurse whereby psychological and physical harm are inflicted on the victim. The physical and psychological trauma inflicted affects the nurse productivity and lower their morale. The nurses can also develop a tendency of absenteeism and increase the probability of turnover increases thus compromising the overall continuity, quality, and safety of care. The paper recommends more research on the prevalence and incidences of workplace bullying to create a clear and concise understanding of the extent of the vice. The poster also suggests the creation of awareness among nurses and nursing leaders and formulation of policies to curb the vice in all health institutions in Australia. In conclusion, workplace bullying is a preventable vice, which can inflict significant harm to the nurses and halt the provision of safe and quality nursing services.

Keywords: workplace bullying, nurses

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