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The Concept of Malparara

The Concept of Malparara

Serving in the capacity of a qualified nurse especially in the indigenous Australian communities that are characterized by power rotations and the untold colonial history, requires rigorous ethical guidelines attention. This implies that there is need for conducting extensive communal consultation, collaboration and negotiation with the aboriginal people before discharging your duties diligently. According to Reason & Bradbury (2008), different people have diverse cultural beliefs and norms, therefore as a nurse there is greater need to value and appreciate these varied cultural aspects when handling your clients.

This unit has played a vital role in developing my cultural aspect especially with regard to valuing and appreciating diverse cultures that are found in different regions of Australia. There are several ways that I can deploy especially when taking a personal role in Malparara; they range from sensitizing my fellow nurses on the importance of appreciating one another to advocating for unity of purpose within the Aboriginal community. The initial stages of working with the aboriginal community were very critical and tricky. This implies that there were notable behaviors that grow and developed in me while I was preparing myself to discharge my duties (Reason & Bradbury, 2008).

Working with diverse communities in Central Australia was accompanied with great fear that was triggered by inappropriate understanding of varied cultural beliefs and norms however this gradually changed as I continually mingled and interacted with different people within the locality. On the other hand, uncertainties befallen by my path as I was caught in doubtful situations with regard to handling aboriginal community. Close interaction, collaboration and negation with the aboriginal community gave me a chance of understanding their culture in a detailed perspective; as a result my fear and uncertainties came to an end (Reason & Bradbury, 2008).


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