Nadine Graham

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Nadine Graham

Cell Number (314) 406-3178

[email protected]

RE: Program Assistant, July 7, 2016

Dear Mr. Ingrid,

As a skilled and highly experienced Programme Assistant, I read your post the newly created Programme Assistant position with significant interest. My experience aligns properly with the qualifications that the institution requires. With present three years working experience in programme assistant, I participated in creation of field trips, planning the activities, recording, and documentation of various activities, and assisting the corporate with the presentation grant research. Considering such qualifications, I am certain that I would make a valuable addition to the organization. Moreover, I am depth in monitoring, coordination of programme, relationship management, clerical data entries, and performing the inventories of all the shuffles and themes. The job experiences afforded communication skills for me and a well-rounded skill set such as first-rate problem solving. As programme assistant, I have experience in scheduling, documenting, and reporting, event coordination, and issue resolution.

Besides my personal qualities and experience, I have passion for programme and event coordination. With such skills, I could assist the organization with administrative support, programme management, and offering advice, which involves specific responsibility for selected project within the overall section. Moreover, the enthusiasm, self-starting, quick thinking, and motivated which are important for the management of wide range of issues arising from the section. Other areas of experience include circulation activities, which could assist the organization in assisting the management with portfolio through making comments on the programmes, monitoring progress of different projects, coordinating annual reviews, and carrying out additional tasks as requested by the team members. With such experience, I believe I would make much positive impact on the organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Nadine Graham


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