Myth and society

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Greek Mythology

The Greek Mythology and the Modern World

The ancient Greek mythology held the belief that people’s lives and nature was controlled by goddesses and the gods. I believe that the Greek mythology has influence modern industry, language, culture and art. The myth is full of courageous and brave heroes as well as Gods who intervened in human lives residing on Mount Olympian. For example, the Greek myth has inspired English language in the use of many words and meanings such as Pandora’s Box, Achilles heels and Herculean task. Owing to a number of myths related to the power of the heavenly, I think most of the plants used for medicinal purpose today are heavily derived from the Greek myths of relieving pain, victory and manipulating nature. I attribute the myths to the presence of goddesses of pleasure, beauty and love who is also manifested in the current world. For instance, people marry and express affection in all forms through kissing, offering flowers and gifts. I see this as the manifestation of the goddess, Aphrodite who stood for all that is beautiful and pleasurable. Even the mushrooming entertainment joints and clubs today, shows that the Greek god of pleasure is alive and helping people to feel good and have the best of their moments. I believe that Greek mythology has direct illusions and meditation may have inspired the Chinese and many upcoming religions on meditation and how to relieve pain without any plant or animal concoctions. I think the myth harbored by the Greek has stood the test of time and continues to apply in the modern society.