My part is to compare the 4 company’s consolidation

Comparing the Companies on Consolidation Disclosure

Comparing the four companies

The disclosure on consolidation brings together or the financial disclosures of separate business segments of a single corporation. Disclosure ion consolidation will allow the investors know how separate business segments. Comparing the consolidation disclosure of the four companies; Grays Ecommerce Group Limited, Hammers Metals Limited, Freedom Foods Group Limited, and Yellow Bricks Road Corporate Limited, it is evident that the disclosure on consolidation was done differently with some of the companies going deeper to disclose more details and supporting it with well explained support notes.

Grays Ecommerce Group Limited carried the day in terms of depth in its consolidation disclosure. The disclosure on consolidation was supported by explanation on principles of consolidation of the Group and it was shown in note 2. The financial report on consolidation also outlined the basis for consolidation and was supported by notes. For comparison with that of the parent company, a note was also provided. Compared with that of the YBR, the YBR did not provide enough notes to explain their reported consolidated details. The other company, Hammers Metals Limited did not provide information on the principles of consolidation that was given in the financial report. There was not notes for the explanation but a detailed presentation on foreign currency translation. Finally, Freedom Foods Group Limited provided its consolidation information with notes on the note 2 section of the financial report. The company also provided information on the parent entity on note 31. Nevertheless, this company did not disclose its consolidation principles.

In conclusion on consolidation disclosure, Grays Ecommerce Group Limited, amongst the four company satisfied the disclosure requirements with a score of 2.5 out of possible 3. YBR and FFG followed in their attempts to perform consolidation disclosures with 2/3 scores and finally HML was least.