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My Futurе Gоаl

My Future Goals

It is the wish of every young person to have a successful life. To be in a better position it is best that your life goals should be clear in one’s mind to ensure that he/she follows the right steps. Success entails having a good attitude, working hard and being consistent in everything that you want in life. In this paper I am going to discuss about my vision, mission and the path that I will follow after my graduation.

Immediately after completion of my studies, I will search for an internship opportunity that will equip me with practical skills in my field. The internship opportunity will give insides on how the job is done and the skills that will enable me be a very competitive financial analyst in the long run. On the completion of the internship, I will be able to search for a job opportunity. However, while undertaking my internship assignments, I will ensure that I perform well for the company to have a reason to retain me within its workforce.

Upon successful securing of an employment opportunity, I will ensure that I start saving immediately for my future opportunity. If it will take me long to secure an employment vacancy, then I will seek the help of my parents to secure me funds that will enable me start a small business. The idea for starting a small opportunity is because always resources are limited and it could be best for me to go an extra mile. My source of motivation to get into business is because those who have succeeded in life (who are rich) are people in business. However, it could be best if first if I secure an employment opportunity as it will enable me run much from the corporate world by getting to understand the dynamics that exist.

It is best if I get an employment opportunity in a company like Mubadla. This is because it will open up my interaction level. It will enable me create a wide network as it is a well-established company. From the company, I will learn some of the best ethical practices that have made it to be one of the successful company. Meanwhile, my monthly savings will be directed towards a fixed deposit account that will provide me with a competitive interest rate that will make it grow instead of the money remaining idle.

Upon my fourth year of working, I will open a small business that I will run while on job. The industry that interested most with is the hospitality. Therefore, my small business will be a small hotel that shall be vending food for the locals. The reason of getting into such a small hotel is to enable me get the inside information on how the industry works. This will be preparing me to get into my main target of having chains of restaurants.

I will ensure that, the profits that I will get from my small business will be saved. Also, I will continue saving from my job earnings. Upon my tenth year of working I will resign my job and get into the restaurant business. The act of resignation is due to the fact that I will wish to give maximum attention to the business and work together with experts to ensure success. With the freedom in my business I will also engage in furthering my education into higher levels.