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My Career


A good career is indispensable for a good life and therefore aspiring for a well defined career is by no means an easy task. It is really not enough if one has the best education or the best skills for a job, but how you apply yourself to it is what is most important. A good career not only gives an individual a sense of satisfaction and pride, but it helps one to be content and happy if they choose a career that is of deep interest to them. Choosing the right career is something that is very personal because it is not a ‘one job fits all’ situation. In order to choose a good career, one has to be really passionate about it. Rome was not built in a day, is a famous saying and so also careers. A really successful career cannot be acquired immediately because it needs meticulous planning, dedication and hard work.

Part I – My Journey so far

My childhood served as a platform for me to develop a keen interest in business, though I did not know it at that time. Looking back, I found that I loved accompanying my parents to our own business concern, the malls or the market and took a keen interest in finding out the price of things and comparing prices of different commodities. My parents always included me in the discussion about the things to be bought for our house and they always respected my opinions because they knew I had good taste and a keen eye for things that were really worthwhile. Even at a young age I was able to calculate our expenditure for the week and knew how to cut costs when the situation demanded it.

My parents have their own successful business in China and from what I understand they had put in a lot of hard work and dedication into the business. In fact, it is their example that kindled in me a deep and sincere interest in taking up business as a career. I clearly remember how I used to accompany them on their business trips and witnessed the respect and affection they received from other trading merchants. As I grew older, I went to work in my father’s firm during the vacations, and it was here that I learned many things which served to help me in my higher studies. Therefore, I can say, that from my childhood to adulthood, my interests and goals were nurtured with great care, by my parents, which in turn helped me a lot when I had to make my decision and choose a career pathway. Though I had completed my High School in China, it was my parents who encouraged me to continue my studies overseas.

The external influences on my career were my school and my friends. In school, I was a fairly good student with a good aptitude for Math. All my teachers were a great source of encouragement and often made me participate in inter-school competitions and debates. I really liked meeting with students of other schools and exchanging ideas and opinions with them. My friends too were a great support to me and we would often meet with each other and clear all our doubts we had in our lessons because we shared a good relationship with each other. After my schooling I studied for my Bachelor’s in business, comprising of Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Business Law, International Marketing and later continued my MBA Masters at the La Trobe University in Australia and on completion, I hope to find an international business job in Australia. I intend to work for an international business company for a few years, until I learn and gain good experience because later I aspire to open out my own business firm and carry on business between China and Australia.

The journey I have traveled so far where my career development is concerned was not by chance, but it gradually took shape over the years and was deliberately nurtured and guided. John Holland’s1 ‘Theory of Career Choice’ (RIASEC) would best suit my journey so far. According to theorist Holland, people who come under this category, look out for environments that give them the freedom to make use of their skills in order to give expression to their own values and attitudes while pursuing their career.

The interaction that takes place between one’s environment and their own individual personality is what determines a person’s behavior. In Holland’s opinion, there are about 6 personality types in his theory and most individuals fall into one of these categories. These personality types are as follows – 1) Realistic, 2) Investigative, 3) Artistic, 4) Social, 5) Enterprising, and 6) Conventional. I feel that according to Holland’s Theory, my personality type is Social, because I love traveling to different countries and meeting with people of different cultures and socializing with them both on a personal level as well as a business level.

2. My future Career

A career in International business is not only exciting but extremely satisfying as it gives one the opportunity to move and associate with people from different culturalbackgrounds, who are not only dynamic, but share the same passion of carrying on business overseas. Such individuals are highly motivated globetrotters, with a keen zest for life and business that fits hand in glove with their personality. Science and Technology and Travel and Communication has served to make the world a smaller place to live in because they have served to increase the growth of businesses around the world, with a much easier access to it.

The business opportunity that I am preparing for is to work for an International Business concern for a couple of years and later after gaining enough experience, I would like to establish my own business between China and Australia. Some of the opportunities available in the industry that would suit my career would be that of an Import/Export Agent, Foreign Sales Representative or an International Management Consultant. (International Business,2 2014) To gain experience, I could take up a job with International non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) Multinational Manufacturers, Export/Import Corporations or in the Transportation Industry such as airlines or shipping. According to Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer3, the editor of International Journal of Globalization and Small Business, “The changing environment negatively influences the development and survival of smaller organizations in some areas and creates new opportunities in others.” In such a scenario, one should be intelligent to watch out for the new opportunities that are made available as changes take place in our environment.

The certification I would need is a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in Business Education. I have completed my Bachelor’s and pursuing my Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) which is greatly respected globally as this certification shows deep passion and commitment to the field of International business. Some of the key skills required for this occupation is deep knowledge in the subject of business, proficiency in language and communication, dedication and hard work, keen and accurate decision making, analytical and problem- solving mind and good interpersonal skills.(International Business, 2014) I have good interpersonal skills and adjust to change easily according to the situation. However, the areas of improvement would be to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject and to work and gain better experience in the field of business. The action I am taking is to successfully complete my Master’s in business and then take up work in an International Firm to gain hands — on experience. After my studies, I could also do an apprenticeship in business under an experienced business magnate in order to gain the experience I need to establish my own business.

According to the assessments, the Change Perception index was 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am a very adjustable type of person and can manage within any situation. My upbringing at home has made me quite seasoned and I know how change and adapt to any given situation, be it bad or good. I am very well aware that people and organizations are quite complex and therefore accepting the changes in life is only a small part and there is much to be achieved and enjoyed if changes are readily acceptable.

In my Career Decision making profile, I scored a 9 and this is clearly reflected in the decisions I have made about my career during the past years. I knew pretty well that whatever decisions I made along the way, would have a major impact on my career and hence I was never impulsive about making decisions. I always took my time in deciding after carrying out a research on the best possible options that were available. There is no doubt that there were both internal and external factors that served to impact on my decisions, such as moving away from my family for higher studies. The internal factor was how I was going to make the big change and at the same time adjust myself in a totally new environment with people from different cultures and different walks of life. Anyway, I felt, since nothing in life is predictable, I might as well take the risk, which I did. I never regretted making this decision about my career, because I am happy and satisfied about the position I have reached now. Presently, I have not only gained knowledge of the subject, but also experience in good decision making. However, the area I could make improvement is accepting the feedback and opinions of others, so it would help me to use the best options available.


Pursuing the right career needs a lot of dedication and hard work besides being consistent in achieving one’s goals at every stage. Though this task is not an easy one, yet if properly nurtured, it is bound to yield the fruits we are seeking, which is a successful and satisfying career. Being open to change and accepting the thoughts and ideas of other like minded people would help to guide us through the right channel to make a success of our career. I now understand that knowledge, though very necessary, is not completely enough, but consistency, determination and hard work will serve to help us climb the ladder of success.


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1 John Holland – Theorist who gave us the ‘Theory of Career Choice’ (RIASEC)

2 International Business Job Description explains about the different jobs to suit people in the business industry.

3 Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer is the editor of the International Journal of Globalization and small Business who highlights the fact that society is ever changing and we have to look out for the right opportunities.