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How Music is Shaped by Environment Today

A song might contain the similar message, but when sang in a different environment, its shape tends to change. Depending on the geographical differences, music tends to change from one environment to the other (Marsh et al. 164). Therefore, the environment is the determinant of the shape of the music which includes how the song is sung and danced and also the musical instruments used.

As one moves from one geographical location to the other, the tune which is the determinant of how the song is sung and danced tends to change. For instance, a song may be sung in America in a particular style and tone, but when the similar song is sung in Asia, the song will sound differently though the message is the same. As a result, the shape of that particular has changed as a consequence of a change of the geographical location which constitutes the environment.

Lastly, different people in different geographic locations tend to use different musical tools. As a result, the shape of the song sang tend to change due to the change of musical instruments being used. In Asia, for instance, musical tools being used are very different from tools used in Africa to make the shape of the song to change. Therefore, various artistic tools used by various musicians in different backgrounds tend to alter the form of a song.

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