Multiple choices questions Essay Example

Multiple choice questions:

  1. Coenzymes (b)

  2. Hot Dog (a)

  3. All of the above (d)

  4. The release of energy from carbohydrates (a)

  5. Riboflavin (a)

  6. Ascorbic Acid (b)

  7. Both a and c but not d (d)

  8. Required for glycolysis (b)

  9. Collagen (c)

  10. Bleeding gums (a)

  11. Outer part of the grain (c)

  12. Pathogenic overgrowth of bacteria in large intestines (d)

  13. Thiamine (b)

  14. Benzaldehyde and one cyanide molecule (a)

  15. Low intake of wholegrains (a)

  16. Vitamin B6 (b)

  17. Both are considered problem nutrients for strict vegetarians (d)

  18. Inadequate dietary intake of vitamin B12 (a)

  19. Folic Acid (a)

  20. Cyanocobalamin (d)

  21. Blood clotting (a)

  22. All of the above (d)

  23. The liver only (a)

  24. Antioxidant (c)

  25. Muscular dystrophy (c)

  26. Neonates (c)

  27. An antioxidant phytochemical found in tomatoes (b)

  28. Enhancing mineral absorption (b)

  29. Vitamin E (b)

  30. Niacin (a)

  31. All of the above (d)

  32. A well proven and effective cancer treatment (a)

  33. Myelin sheath synthesis (b)