Mr. Vincent Brody: Case Analysis Essay Example

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Mr. Vincent Brody: Case Analysis

Mr. Vincent Brody: Case Analysis

There are a number of issues raised in the case study that need to be assessed before the multidisciplinary team establishes effective care provision for Mr. Vincent. Firstly, Mr. Vincent 71 years old and lives with Thora, his 66 year old wife at home. Their ages are headed to the ageing bracket which implies that they are both diminishing in terms of physical strength. Mr. Vincent was diagnosed with a pulmonary disease, (COPD), and had been admitted due to exacerbation. He was discharged to be managed at home on an oxygen therapy. Additionally, Thora has a well managed rheumatoid arthritis since her thirties apart from being strained by caring for Mr. Vincent’s condition. Mr. Vincent was readmitted in a few weeks after constantly smoking and intermittently using the oxygen therapy which caused a distress in breathing and lack of sleep and appetite.

The duty of the GP is to provide efficient health care to both the patient and the family (Abramson & Mizrahi, 2003). The main issue in this case concerns both the health of Mr. Vincent and Thora. In this case, the GP can hold a meeting with them to evaluate the options available to choose the best care for Mr. Vincent. The GP should liaise with both the service provider at residential aged care to ensure that there is a smooth transition from living at home to the facility. The service provider and the community nurse can help to coordinate different members of the multidisciplinary team and make necessary referrals to ensure that Vincent receives the best care (NSW Department of Health, 2013). The community nurse can also constantly assess Mr. Vincent’s progress and work with the occupational therapist, dieticians, physiotherapist and other relevant members of the team to request the necessary support and constantly review the caring program in the best interest of the patient and there family. As caring for Mr. Vincent is affecting Thora’s health, she should be allowed to decide which extent she wants to get involved in his caring program.


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