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Product Placement

Product Placement

Product placement in movies has become increasingly important to companies. Companies have realized the benefits that can be accrued through proper product placement. James Bond films are known for extensive product placement and in his recent film Spectre (2015), the case was no different. In this film, Bond use Sony products such as the Sony Viao laptop, the Sony Xperia Z5 phone as well as Sony cameras. However, throughout the film it is clear that the Sony XperiaZ5 phone which Bond uses is placed strategically. Spectre was one of the most anticipated films of James Bond in recent times and the product placement of the Sony Xperia Z5 was a success for the Sony Company. The film Spectre provides an exciting opportunity to explore the various ways that product placement is used by companies. The placement of Sony products in the film Spectre is a good example of how Sony tries to promote its various products. The placement of the Sony Xperai Z5 also served as a way of promoting the phone which had also been released before the film was released.

After the release of the film Spectre, Sony took various steps to capitalize on the product placement of phones. According to Galician (2013), companies try to capitalize on product placement through advertising and sales promotion of the specific product. Before the release of the film Spectre, Sony released a commercial “Made for Bond” which was a campaign for the film. In the commercial that stars James Bond and Miss Money penny, both characters are seen using the Sony Xperia Z5. The two stars use the phone to showcase the latest technology that Sony has integrated into the phone. The slow-mo as well as the night-sight technology of the phone is showcased in this commercial.

Moreover, Sony also capitalized on the product placement of the phone through its branding. Sony Xperia Z5 was dubbed as the “Bond Edition” phone by the company as a way of promoting it among James Bond fans. Waugh (2013) notes that Bond acts as a spy in the films and Sony portrayed the Xperia Z5 phone a phone that is suitable for Bond’s character. This way Sony made an underlying assumption that if James Bond’s fans related to the phone then they could also purchase it to experience the Bond edition of the phone.

Sony also capitalized the product placement of the Xperia Z5 phone through celebrity advertising. Kumar (2011) defines celebrity advertising as an attention-getting technique that is extensively used by companies to link brands to celebrities. More often than not, some of the brands promoted by celebrities fail because of lack of proper planning by the company. The celebrity is deemed the leader of the brand and promotes it whenever an occasion arises. Sony used James Bond to advertise their product Xperia Z5 through various commercials that featured Bond. Moreover, during the premiere of the movie, the Xperia Z5 phone was also promoted by Bond.

Conclusively, product placement is one of the most common methods that are used to promote brands. Companies part with large sum of money just to have their brands feature in a certain media. In the James Bond film, the Sony brand particularly the Xperia Z5 phone is featured widely. The company capitalized on the product placement through advertising, branding and celebrity advertising.


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