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Monitor and Adjust Performance Strategies & Manage Opportunities for Further Improvement Essay Example

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Моnitоr and Adjust Реrfоrmаnсе Strаtеgiеs & Маnаgе Орроrtunitiеs for Further Imрrоvеmеnt

A continuous improvement strategy involves offering the students a learning experience they cannot get anywhere else apart from this university. To do this, the university will be able to give them opportunities to enable then network and connect, communicate and change after they have completed their studies. Another strategy involves offering scholarships that are specific to a given number of international students. Given that majority of international students receive funds from personal and family resources, incentivizing the students will attract many of them who are able to apply and enrol in the institution.

Establishing a networking programs for the students to ensure the international students stay in contact with the alumni of the institution who offer advices to them will be an achievement towards attracting more international students. The department will ensure the relevant information has been made available and accessible to all parts of the world. By designing an international admission webpage dedicated to providing all the relevant information that is mobile friendly will be employed. All the relevant information about the university and contact information will be made available (Kumar 26).

It is important to make sure the team members play an active role in designing these strategies that are geared towards achieving the set goals. The strategic leaders will need to develop strategies of solving the existing problem by developing policy alternatives to meet the changes in the education sector. it is particular of interest when dealing with these policy issues as well as problems which relate to the allocation of funds towards providing the students with the best learning experience. The developed team must be able to use a common consensus team model for the systemic approach in dealing and strategizing for the problem.

The best communication systems to be used need to be developed and the existing communication systems improved in reaching out to the students. There will be need to develop strategies that can communicate the various changes within the university to all the stakeholders. Creating room for change and being ready to welcome any changes involves putting them in efforts to overcome any possible resistance to the changes taking place within the institutions. To effectively communicate change, the stakeholders will be grouped according to their various interests in the institution with the help of the team. There response to the change will be noted after developing appropriate messages and forums for each of the group to explain the intended changes and the benefits of the changes (Kumar 55).

For a continuous development of strategy, there is need to improve on all possible factors that are related to the transformation process and monitoring the continuous improvement processes. The best solution in this case is leveraging on the strengths and the overall uniqueness of the university to offer the best deals for the international students. Keeping up with the technological change by training and offering mentorship programs to team members will ensure the improvement process goes a long way. With technology, it will be able to determine the rate at which the changes are taking place by monitoring trends in the education and the number of international students enrolling.

The institution has the need to ensure there is the achievement of continuous quality improvement by use of the appropriate selection and quality tools as well as techniques. There are a significant number of tools that can be used for this purpose that include quality management and assurance tools. There is need to give sufficient thoughts to the tools being used. The use of flow charts, check sheets and control, charts can be used in determining the types of continuous strategies that will require future adjustments.

To keep the team members informed about the progress and the outcomes of the improvement strategies, they will be divided into groups because I will be developing a different set of communication strategy depending on the varied roles of the ten members. Each team will be having a leader who will be getting information from me and dissipate it to the rest. The work can be well document using the improved technology by use of different computer programs custom made for the different types of work each group is undertaking (Kumar 40). New technology applications can be used in the identification of opportunities. Some of these techniques include may include balanced score cards, agile process techniques and value chain approach which are computer designed applications to help in identifying different opputinies for the sake of future improvement of the university and bringing in more international students.

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