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Moodle Topic

Moodle Topic

Relationship Overview

The client-advertising agency relationship of IBM and Ketchum has been a successful endeavor that has fostered a cordial relationship allowing them to work together. The relationship must consist of mutual trust, understanding and a deep level of trust that each party will be able to fulfill their part of the work (The Bedford Group, 2014). IBM has been a leader in technology for more than a century, and thus the goals of the company have been to continue producing superior quality products to their consumers while at the same time venturing into new and unprecedented innovations. As such, Ketchum as an advertising agency has therefore aligned these goals with theirs, thus makes it easier to serve them.

Advertising Agency and Client Relationship

The advertising and client relationship has fostered a healthy environment for innovation, productivity and marketing that has enabled the success of the two organizations over the past several years. The partnership of Ketchum and IBM has enabled them to build strong campaigns that allow them to market their products (PR Newswire, 2012). In addition to this, Ketchum has helped IBM develop programs geared towards fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. This has further bolstered their positioning in the market among the stiff competitors in the technological industry. The relationship has also enabled IBM to be in a position to make meaningful contributions to the community and receive due recognition for it.

Some of the most successful programs that Ketchum and IBM developed include “IBM at 100: Focusing Our Place in the Past, Present and Future” The public relations campaign was considered the most successful in 2011 at the America’s Superior Achievement in Branding and Reputation (SABRE) Awards ceremony. IBM’s innovative initiatives throughout the years have been made possible through an effective business model and public relations strategy with Ketchum. In 2012, the company won the Best Silver Anvil Award by the Public Relations Service of America (Public Relations Society of America, 2012; Stetzer, 2012).

Key Strengths of the Advertising Agency

Ketchum has been a leading advertising and public relations agency for well over a century. Focusing on its clients, the organization has been able to align their goals to that of their clients in order to better serve them (Omnicom Group, 2016). Some of the key strengths of the company include a good working relationship between them and their clients. As an agency focused on campaigns and marketing, part of the company’s strategies have been to focus on the merits of a company client while mitigating its weaknesses especially in the public eye (PR Week, 2014).

Ketchum as an organization has a good and conducive working environment for its clients. It focuses on tapping into the employee’s talents and diversity to bring out creativity necessary for innovations. As a company that embraces diversity, Ketchum has been successful in tapping into international markets including North America, Asia, and South America. Currently Ketchum’s diversity has enabled them to operate in more than 70 countries, helping build brands, reputations, and committing to clients’ needs.


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