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Several companies in Australia have undergone several changes, developments as well as branding from the time they were invented up to date. The events involved the modification of the brand’s logo and named as well purposing to modify the face of the companies before the eyes of the customer and create a more impressive picture. In the essay, two businesses located in Australia are considered. They include the SAAB Car Company and the Ansell Company whose products are processing products for the safety of people’s healthcare, consumer, and industrial protective products, e.g.: gloves and latex (Keller, 2006).

Branding Of the SAAB Company.

The SAAB Company in Australia is a car manufacturing company that is located in Australia. It started as SAAB Company which had the logo for Griffin. The second change and development that was done on the company led to the change of the name or the brand and logo as a way of bringing a new picture of the company to the clients. The company was rebranded to SAAB AB. Years later, the company underwent furthers the development, and the brand changed to SAAB Scania. The rebranding was as a result of the bankruptcy of the second brand (SAAB AB) thus the management sold the company to another owner thus the change of the name. The selling of the company and its change of name and logo led to a significant economic development of the firm. This resulted in the supply of better quality products this attracting many customers. The most recent rebranding and changes on SAAB Scania resulted in the eradication of the SAAB title, and the company acquired a new name which is NEVS (Enter Electric Vehicle Sweden). The NEVS was a partnership between two car businesses that are the Sun Investment in Japan and the National Modern Energy Holdings Company in China (Keller, 2006).

Evaluation of the logo.

The SAAB logo previously had a griffin symbol. The changes of the logo were first done where the size of the logo was increased to some diameter. Later on, the logo was modified when the company changed to SAAB Scania and had the griffin symbol and the wordings were, “SAAB-SCANIA).This brought a new taste of the firm to the customers thus aiding in the company’s development. It followed further changes in the logo where the logo had the word «SAAB» only and a griffin symbol and where it finally changed to having only “SAAB”s wordings with no griffin symbol. This was as a result of the loss of key the company underwent; it eradicated the griffin symbol from the logo. The changes are shown in the appendices (Morsing, 2006).

Meaning and concept of the logo.

The SAAB logo changed in size from small size to a larger size as a way of showing that the company has grown bigger and better than it was. The eradication of the griffin symbol from the logo showed a reformation of the firm to a better firm.

The Ansell Company

ANSELL is an Australian Company which deals with the manufacturing of protective products to the industry and for personal use which includes and surgical/medical gloves and latex.

Development and changes

The Ansell Company has been through several changes in the brand since it was started. The reason for the change was to float it on the Australian stock exchange. In first, changed its name to Dunlop Rubber Company of Australia Limited, followed by changing to Dunlop Perdriau Limited as a result of a merger with Perdriau Rubber Company. The company’s primary business this time was to produce Automobile tyre. It expanded other rubber products such as footwear production. Later on, as a result of diversification, it changed its name to Dunlop Australia. Then the company acquired the Ansell Rubber Company that had been started by Norman Ansell (Aziz, 2004).

A few years later, the company acquired a competitor and became Dunlop Olympic before changing to Pacific Dunlop, reflecting its geographic expansion. In the same year, it had a joint venture with Goodyear Tire where it distributed and manufactured tyre in Australasia. It diversified into food, healthcare products, batteries, and clothing. It was among the largest companies in Australia operating in twenty countries. Later, it suffered from high debt burden and falling profits. It sold its food and battery businesses, and the clothing and footwear companies were floated off as Pacific Brands. It focused on healthcare products of Ansell subsidiary. Finally, it changed its name to Ansell Limited.

The merging of the company with Perdriau Rubber Company helped increase the number of products it produced. Secondly, The Company evolved from providing traditional to modern products. Thirdly, the brand name kept changing to an easier and reliable name. Besides, the company now specialized on specific products which were profitable rather than producing many products. It also had to reduce its businesses to ensure it does not suffer falling profits and high debt burden (Aziz, 2004).

Evolution of logo and value.

Every change that was made in the company was accompanied by branding change which was done on the various segments of the company that included the modern, healthcare, as well as the sexual wellness products. The variations in the logo were made as a way of developing and increasing the marketability of the outputs. The identification of the meanings to the logo as well as the designers is yet to be found.

How logos and branding affect our lives and product perception

The different branding of the SAAB Company as well as the Ansell Company and the changes of the logo which was accompanied by the change and modification of the products always brought a new picture of the firm to the customers. This affected the peoples’ lives were several who were not informed of the changes and developments were unable to access the company. Besides, those who were conversant with the changes got to have better goods and services from the newly developed products by the SAAB and the Ansell firms (Keller, 2006).


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