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Question 1

  1. To leverage relationships, marketers should focus on actively engaging customers as they make their purchase. This can be done, for instance, through enquiring them on what size or package they intend to purchase, and informing the on the available options and discounts, if any. Moreover, marketers should locate themselves in strategic locations in the supermarkets, and should be proactive in reaching out to the customers to understand their unique preferences and needs.

  2. Facilitating development of a relationship with the brand requires giving the customer a reason to try the product. In this regard, marketers should seek for feedback from customers on the goods purchased. This helps customers give their views and what they feel should be improved. Marketers can also give free samples where they can try and give their views. Customers can also be given the opportunity to have loyalty points, and this can accumulate as the consumer buys more of the products, and leads to future discounts.

Question 2

Product under consideration: Purchase of a television

  1. Need recognition – The customer recognizes that they need to purchase the television. To facilitate this process, marketers can create an internal stimulus through making enticing advertisements of thee need to own a television, and the advanced features of the television. The marketers can also tag the need for social conformity through showing how owning the new television is fashionable. These strategies heighten the need.

  2. Information search – this is finding as much information as possible regarding the product. Television marketers can bridge this knowledge gap by setting up billboards in advertisements, by also creating websites where consumers can find out as much information regarding the product.

  3. Evaluation of alternatives – The marketers should provide the customers with all the product details. They should also strategically give testimonials from other customers who have used the products.

  4. Purchasing decision – The marketers can influence this through offering discounted prices and giving after-sale services.

  5. Post –purchase behaviour – To make the purchase experience better, the marketers should ensure the customer receives technical support, and any feedback should be considered to ensure the customer is satisfied

Question 3

The telecommunication company could segment its market through identifying the different needs of the consumers. In this regard, there are two different types of client; those that are dependent on the company for data services and those that depend on the corporation for voice services. While the two are closely related, this segmentation could help to capture and better serve the needs of the customers. Moreover, it could also segment based on the usage whereby the heavy users of data and voice services have a different and unique package while the lighter users equally have a different package.

Question 4

Expansion of market in the car manufacturing business can be done through having an effective system of monitoring car sales and having in place a set of variables for tracking performance with the new purchasers. For instance, growth can be evaluation through checking the number of new buyers every month and also the number of return clients. In the car sales business, market expansion can be best achieved through having vigorous advertising and referrals through customers. Moreover, market growth can be easily assessed on the variations in the sales volume.