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Sources of research information


Continuity in research is a vital element that every engineer should have. An engineer in the engineering category has to keep himself abreast of research, especially on academic works. The way for him or her to be abreast with information is through retrieving the information from books, online website and journal just to list a few.


As stated early, it is incumbent upon an engineer to embraces research. The reason for the research is because it is good to have a foundation through spelling out the background information about an area before arriving at a solution. An engineer who has been informed as a result of research can gather facts as a form of understanding the problem or providing a solution. Different sources of information exist depending on the subject matter that the engineer is tackling. Sources comprise of journals, books, online data sheets and research papers. Establishing also the source of information helps an engineer to arrive at an informed decision as the source of the accurate information will be used as the basis for making a decision.

Books are an avenue for a great foundation for any research. Books also form the basis on which researchers take a particular approach, and they also inform the decision agreed. Books are also important as they provide a starting point for any new research. New books in fields that one is familiar with provides rooms for new thinking on even how the basic things work altogether.

Listed below are some books on solid state physics which are used for research.

[1] J. R. Hook, Solid state physics, 2nd ed, New York: Wiley, 1991.

[3] John J. Quinn, Solid State Physics: Principles and modern applications, New York: Springer, 2009.

The mentioned books are useful to students and even professional physicists. They are useful to students who are taking their first course in physics. The books are also vital to electoral engineers as they aid them in grasping the fundamentals in the area of physics. The fact the books are both in hard copy, and electronic copy makes them easy to access as one can get them on the library website. Equally important to note is the second edition publication. The edition now has an expanded coverage of semiconductor devices. The publishing, therefore, is current hence updated.

Also, the information in the books can be authenticated as one of them is written by an academic in the engineering department and through advanced search it can be found on the website. For example:

Syed Irfan Sohail, Frequency of selective surfaces for energy-saving glass and RF/microwave applications, Sydney: Macquarie University, 2014.


Journals are useful to engineers especially peer viewed journal. Peer reviewed journal is more stringency in their information as other experts in the particular field to review the information in the journals before the information is accepted are accurate. An article is considered significant based on the citations made out of it and the publication carrying the contents of the article. Journals that are considered to be more cited in publications are useful to engineers in their research. For example the one below.

H. Yu, M. Nazmul Huda and Samuel Oliver Wane, «A novel acceleration profile for the motion control of capsubots», 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2011.

Type of publication: Transaction

The general field of research: motion control and motion development

Based on the IEEE Xplore website the journal has been cited two times. That is proof that the content in the journal is reliable.

The sources of information for research that are patented it is because of the credibility of their information. For a publication to be patented, it means that a lot of peers have done great reviews to authentic the information. For instance, the search for a patent brought about Gengfa. His research area focused on the signal and shared data access (Mueck and Markus 25). Details are shown below;

Title: signal and shared access

Assignee: Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA, US)

Recipients: Jayawickrama, Beeshanga A. (Sydney, AU
Rixon, Pierce (Sydney, AU)
Fang, Gengfa (Sydney, AU)
Dutkiewicz, Eryk (Sydney, AU)
Heimlich, Michael (Sydney, AU)
Mueck, Markus Dominik (Neubiberg, DE)

In conclusion, based on the exercise of understanding of the different existing sources of research information in engineering, the criteria for identifying the most reliable sources of information have been taught. The reason for the same is because valuable research requires credible sources of information. The lessons comprehended will be useful in working on the future research project to be carried out in the field.

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