Microsoft Windows 8 Case Study Essay Example

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Microsoft windows case study

Date: 15/05/2013

A market research for windows 8 devices to university students


Windows 8 is a version of an operating system developed by Microsoft windows to be used on computers of all types ranging from laptops, home and office desktops, tablets and home theatre PCs (Avari 2012). This new version (windows 8) has a benefit of being able to take advantage of emerging technologies like cloud computing, near field communications and advanced format. It also includes security feature like built-in antivirus capabilities, secured boot and digitalized installation process.

The first preview of windows 8 to the public was done in September 2011. The official release was received with a lot of attention and interest has remained high. A subsequent release was done in February 2012. New features include a new modern Windows 8 interface and replacement of the start menu. There are other improvements to windows security as well (Avari 2012).

Target group

The target audience of the windows 8 devices market research will be the Australia university students as they widely use the devices during their studies. The Australia university students are also at the climax of innovation, where their minds are more ambitious and are more informed in technology than the older generation. According to Avari (2012), the use of smart phones, iphones, ipads and tablet computers is wide among the university students being the biggest number of users. The university students also compose the largest number of elites hence will be the best fit for the target market.


After the windows 8 was launched in October2012, the rate of adoption was only 1.72%, with the major reason being the user experience in other operating systems hence the fear to change1. If Windows 8 on tablets is successful, it will have a significant and long-lasting impact on the institution. There will be many new device form factors to choose from, and users may have very different needs and likes from one another. The university as an institution will also need to decide whether they want to create applications for Windows 8 and Metro or pursue a different thing.

There’s more to Windows 8 than just its charming approach to search and socialization. For one thing, it offers some cool log-in options2. One can choose to create a local account, but the operating system becomes infinitely more useful when you use a Microsoft account. One can also be able to synchronize Windows 8 settings meaning that when an account is logged in to any other Windows 8 machine, the data will sync, including background settings, address book, and other accounts like Face book and Twitter, e-mail, and instant messaging. App syncing is done through the Windows Store, while the 7GB of free Sky Drive storage and integration with the Sky Drive app can be used to sync personal files.


The windows 8 operating system will be received well by the university students as they widely use tablets, convertible, hybrids and other touch-support devices3. However, some will have resistance due to the fear of the changed interface of windows 8 with such complains as lack of the start button and the windows beginning with a desk top mode (Sinofsky, Reller, Larson-Green, Leblond & Angiulo 2012).


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