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Requirement stability is what a company is expecting of its responsibilities to its clients at a particular time before the implementation of the actual plan. This metric requires that for a company to achieve stability, it must weigh between what it is expecting from the market and what is actually in the market. It is important for the software system to provide the company’s functions and capabilities as well as the rules by which it must stick to. This metric is important since it will provide issues such as the feedback to the customer. It is in simple language that the consumer understands to remove any ambiguity since what is expected has already been explored (Donn Le Vie, 2010).

This metric also decomposes any problem into different parts hence giving a simple understandable solution in an orderly manner. Such a metric also serves as the mother document that will be used as the standard for verifying any condition the company gives. This is because the metric is the initial development phase for the company’s products or services where everything the company requires or does not require is included. This is where all the information in regard to the customers’ needs is done. Interviews, fieldwork, questionnaires and surveys may be conducted to ensure that what is collected is the reality on the ground according to Donn Le Vie (2010).

Normally, the measure of a complexity of a scale is determined by two attributes which are internal and external. Internal attributes include those that are measured by observing the product and the process involved to produce it. External attributes are those that are measured in regard to how the product or its production process relate to its surroundings. The company to be scrutinized is classified in regard to its importance versus other similar companies in the measurement scale (Winston, 2008). The interviews, surveys, fieldwork and questionnaires will rate it. This is done before the above exercises are conducted so that an analysis of the feedback from the consumers show whether the company’s goals will be met or not. Compare it to other companies on the scale, give the general objectives of the company, come up with questions which you have answers to establish whether the company’s objectives are met, analyse the questions then calculate the average of the measurements given by the consumers to be. This will be a measure of the average of the complexity on this scale. This will provide the answers to what the consumers need and expects and what the company will offer. This poll is intended to ensure that the consumers are in agreement with the required details. This scale of 1-10 will give an average rating of the company (Winston, 2008).


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