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Mental Health and AOD perceptions and impacts of stigma Essay Example

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Mental Health and AOD Perceptions and Impacts of Stigma


Perception is what drives our lives from the way we think and understand things. Perception can be said to a way of someone interpreting something or the impression one has on either someone or something. The contents of this paper will look at the perceptions of mental health and alcohol and other drugs and the impact of stigma.

Common perceptions on mental health and AOD

There are several perceptions of people with mental illness and AOD of which most of them are concluded without education on the matters. One of the major perceptions that people have of people with mental illness and AOD is that they are dangerous to society[ CITATION San14 l 1033 ]. The fact is not true since it has been noted that when these people undergo treatment they are as less harmful as the general population if not they are the victims of violence. Most people think of people with mental illnesses and AOD as not fit to stay in the society and hence loch then out of social activities and gatherings.

Effects of stigma on mental health and AOD people

Through the perceptions people have stigma is generated to the affected people. Stigma is caused by the negative perceptions people have on individuals with mental health and AOD. Stigma generates negative feeling and devaluation of the affected[ CITATION Cor05 l 1033 ]. To reduce stigma to the affected education on the condition should be done as well as incorporating the affected in social activities in order to make them feel worthy and whole again is important[ CITATION Cor05 l 1033 ].

Stigma can have effects to the individual, the family and the significant others. The individual will be excluded and even sometimes locked away denying them a chance to recovery that can only come from support. The family member to the affects also will be stigmatized since at times they will not be accepted to social meetings and if it is a sibling they may be picked on at school. From the effects of it can be said that it is important to regard one’s life as important.

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