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Media Plan for Samsung Electronics Australia


In creation of market for a new product, there is need for going through the media planning process. Media planning in marketing and promotion involve making decisions for delivery of a message to the intended audience (Kelley et al., 15). The role of media planning is to find out the most excellent mixture of media to accomplish the objectives of marketing campaign. The major task in this media plan is development of a complete media plan for Samsung Electronics Australia that wants to launch its first sliding tablet PC in the Australian Market. The creation of the media plan would therefore integrate process including market analysis, establishment of Media objectives, setting up strategies, implementation of the strategies and finally, their evaluation. Additionally, there would be consideration to various media choices, advertising, promotion, measuring media effectiveness and others.

Steps in creation of Media Plan

In media planning, there is various review steps which are essential. The process embraces:

  • Market assessment

  • Setting up the media objective

  • Establishing the strategy

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Evaluation and follow-up

Market Analysis

Undertaking market analysis engrosses determination of the audience. The audience encompasses both the type and number of people targeted by the advertising (Kelley et al., 65). Classification of the audience could be in relation to occupation, sex, age, income and others. Since it is an introduction of a new PC, the target audience would incorporate private and public institutions, college and universities students who need it for research and studies, mobile professionals who would use it in executing their duties even if they are out of office, and as well the youths who are techno savvy. They would need it for functions of enhanced productivity and performance. The analysis helps in projecting costs and determining the right media for campaign.

Establishing the Media Objective

According to Kelley et al., (75), the media objective factor is the goal of the media plan. In this case, there must be establishment of objective on cost, penetration, reach and frequency. The market of Australia is already flooded with variety of tablet devices, but the objective of the company is to address the needs of consumers who prefer uniqueness in terms of portability, ease of use, and elegance. We would target reaching 20 million customers within duration of one month after the launch. The company should also aim at a higher frequency to ensure the average number of times the message is in front of target audience is high. Ensuring production of printed adverts on the new PC and their issuance should also be a priority. Budgeting with contemplation of cost is vital sine it would influence, the choice of media. The company must determine if it wants to take over a market or just reach a certain group prior to setting the penetration goals and strategies.

Setting the Strategy

In this section, it is necessary to make a decision about what type of media to use. Some alternatives incorporate newspapers, radio, Internet, television, consumer and business publications, as well as media platforms for interaction. Incorporation of multiple media would be the way since the main aim is to reach the largest audience. The use of television, news papers, social media and radio would be the most appropriate. Most of the target audience read newspapers, watch televisions and even listen to radio. Social media has become a great tool for advertising, and therefore various activities in the internet are necessary. The choices meet the company’s budget (Kelley et al., 75).


After a plan is in place, it is time to set it in motion. This involves Media buying which is the purchasing of the space in the selected media. Buying space for advertising in Newspaper, television and radio, plus internet activities like creation of website, social platforms, posing video on YouTube, mentioning on twitter and face book must be prioritized (Kelley et al., 23).

This involves committing to the media provider, submitting the ad, and paying the bill. Carrying out promotion in the social media, radio, television and newspapers on the PC through concentrating on its unique features like being touch screen tablets, its portability, effectiveness on social networking, watching moves, would contribute greatly to brands awareness and loyalty. This is the most exciting part as hard work is seen come together.

Evaluation and Follow-up

After everything is said and done, it is time to confirm the success of the media plan. To do so, it is crucial to follow-up and ensures evaluation of the results. Consequently, determination of the effectiveness of the chosen media for advertising, promotion, and the applied media marketing strategies must be done. Checking of whether the media objectives were met and strategies in place were successful is the major concern in this stage. If there is failure in achieving the strategies and objectives, then necessary adjustments must be staged to ensure that success is achieved. The adjustments would bring in reverting to more promotions, advertising and even making changes to the applied strategies on media for the Company’s product. The success of this media plan would determine future media plans (Kelley et al., 75).


Media Plan plays an essential role in marketing and promotion of a product and therefore it is of great importance for the Management of Samsung Electronics Australia to give it much attention. It accrues the marketing knowledge and mass communication skills in the course of deciding deals with the larger share of the advertiser’s budget in provisions of cost for purchasing advertisement placement. Media planners as such are expected to guarantee proper analysis of the market and effective evaluation of media channel in order to put the advertising message to the expected audience (Kelley et al., 54).The findings from the research affect the creative and media plans for all facets of marketing communication including advertising and marketing.

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