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Host Supervisor Evaluation Form: 2017



The Host Supervisor Evaluation has a crucial place in the assessment of the student’s Media Industry Placement. It is worth up to 30% of their grade.

of placement completion. within seven daysYour effort in completing this evaluation is greatly appreciated .In order for us to meet marking and graduation deadlines; we ask that the report be completed

Thank you for your support.

  1. Please briefly describe what you see as the student’s key strengths.

The student is a fast learner and is self motivated.

The student is punctual and values delivering all assigned duties in the required time frame.

Apart from being curious in the sense of wanting to learn new things, the student is always up for new challenges and never backs down from tricky situation.

The student has some sense of humor and the beauty in it is thus he executes it professionally.

The student is very creative and has a good tendency of abiding by the organization’s code of ethics

Please briefly describe the areas where you think the student could improve. 2.

The student could improve on his composure especially when reporting. The student should also be bold when conducting interviews especially with high ranking members of the community like government officials.

The student should strive to improve teamwork especially where he is unfamiliar with the tasks at hand

(outstanding, equivalent to a High Distinction). Please type/insert an X in the appropriate box. A space is provided for comments should you wish to provide further information.5(excellent, equivalent to a Distinction), 4 (good, equivalent to a Credit), 3 (satisfactory, equivalent to a Pass), 2 (unsatisfactory, equivalent to a Fail), 1Please rank the student’s performance under the headings supplied in the following table – please grade from

Attendance, punctuality and personal presentation

Ability to perform according to expected student competency

Ability to listen to advice, accept suggested corrections and learn from the workplace experience

Ability, where necessary, to work in a team and to communicate and otherwise interact appropriately with others

Ability, where necessary, to work unsupervised

Time management skills, ability to meet deadlines and complete assigned tasks on schedule

Dedication to the task and other assigned duties

Creativity or flair in the execution of tasks

Overall quality of the student’s work.

Knowledge of the codes of practice of the organization and ability to abide by these

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With the necessary adjustments the student can be top class as a media employee. For example, the School should be more vigilant on ensuring that the students are conversant with more than three languages before allowing them to go on placements.

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