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Media and Documentary

The angle

As a concerned professional and citizen regarding the people with disabilities, I intend to write a story regarding how the dogs are instrumental in guiding the old people with visual impairment. The dogs play the role of a guide while the old people have to see through the dogs. The intended audience for the story is composed of people from all ages both old and young and also the dog keepers and lovers.

Importance of the story

As a qualified professional in photography, it is important to ensure that photographs are used to change the lives of the people by inspiring them. The old people with vision impairment always undergo a lot of challenges as most of the do not have people they can depend on a daily basis. This has left most of the old people with no choice but to stay indoors. Personally, as person with little peripheral vision, I have worked with people with visual disabilities and understand their challenges. The guide dogs have been quite inspirational in trying to help the old people during their movements. This has been quite inspirational and it will also inform the people of the important role of the guide dogs in terms of solving the problems faced by the old people with visual impairment. The story will also highlight the importance of appreciating the roles played by the guide dogs in helping humans. It is also important to note that some of the people do not know about the dog guide. The story will thus expand their knowledge on the issue and they can use the guide dogs for the benefits of the old people in their families.

The subject topic was mainly guided by a thorough research from different materials. The information regarding the topic was obtained from newspapers books as well as the internet. According to the research materials it was evident that most of the old people with visual impairment undergo a lot of problems in terms of movement. Most of their family members are never available al the times and hence exposing the old people to problems when it comes to movement. It was also evident from the research that most of the old people always undergo visual impairment as they continue to age. On the other hand, the use of dog guides was established for the purposes of benefiting the people with visual impairment. The dogs are usually trained in order to effectively guide the people with visual impairment. Most of the dogs are usually friendly and cannot leave the visually impaired stranded. The research also established that not all the dogs can be used for this purpose unless they are trained. The research materials therefore played an important role in terms of providing important information regarding the guide dogs and the people with visual impairment.

The ethical codes of conduct for photographers will be applied during the shooting of the photos. The images that will be provided for the story will be real and the respect for the individuals will be observed. All the individuals will be informed of the shooting and the images can only be used with their permission.

Risks are usually common during the shooting process and it will not be different for the project. This is because process may be carried out in hostile environments. Some of the dogs are also hostile to the strangers and it may pose a risk. However a person familiar with the individuals will be requested to assist in order to avoid the risks.


During the process of shooting, insurance will be required so as to cover the risks that may occur. A personal insurance will be required to deal with accidents as well as any other risk that may occur. Since the equipment may fail or get damaged during the process, the equipment will also be insured.

Statutory requirements

Licenses will be required from the authorities as the images will be published after the shooting. Application of the license will thus be done before the process is conducted. Lack of the license to shoot the images public may result to prosecution.

Site permits

Site permits will also be required as the shooting of the images will be done in different locations with some being in public areas. This is for the purposes of creating a sense of originality of the images. Permits will thus be required when shooting in public areas.

Post production requirements

Various complex equipment will be required for the purposes of editing as well as the storage of the images. However this will be taken care of by a contracted studio.

Copyright and licensing arrangement

Arrangements will be made with the publishing house which will also maintain the copyright after the publications. The future use of the images will require permission from the publishing house.

Stage of production (what)

Details (who, where, how)


First client meeting

Meeting with the people familiar with the old people as well as the old people in their homes or in private.


Obtaining the relevant legal documents

From the offices of the authorities.


Shooting the images

In public as well as private sites.


Post production arrangements

Editing done in the studio.


Copyright and licensing arrangements

Done in the office with the publisher.