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4Brand placement

Brand placement

One thing that is undeniable is that Apple is one of the products that have increased their marketing potential since the inception of the company. In the current age, advertising has changed and revolutionized to stand out in the marketing scene the company has focused on brand placement. The major merit that accrues to this company is that it is a beautiful product; in 2009 the company made about 600 appearances on TV, in 2011 the company made about 800 product placements on TV. This shows that the company is on the increase. Companies that have products to show off advertise through product placements, this applies to apple since its products are sleek and represent independence and style (Young, 2010, p.56). This is a symbol of modernity and social advancements, this is what the TV wishes to show and represent especially in movie and TV industries such as Hollywood.

According to Nielson, Apple products have appeared over 40% of the movies made in the past year. This is a huge achievement since other brands have to pay to have their products feature in TV and movies. However the company has achieved alt his by supplying as many apple products as needed for a TV show or a movie for free (Lehu, 2007, p. 45). This is the key action plan that has given them the edge over other brands. Apple has always been on the fore front to have their products receive enormous TV placement, it goes back to 1990s in Mission Impossible where apple products received eight minutes of TV placements. This can be calculated to total to an average of twenty three million dollars of TV time. During this era brand placements were not as popular as they are today, so it true to say that apple revolutionized this kind of marketing.

It is vital to note that for Apple the cost of producing the product they have placed in movies and TV show is lower than the cost they would incur in paying for TV adverts. Apple has taken strategic moves to market their products, this can be noted by the kind of relationship they have with Cable networks like HBO and ABC which has most of their shows using apple products. Such a move capitalizes on the need for people to watch movies and TV shows, some of these people do not have the time to access technological adverts of new products and this makes an effective avenue of them to get information. One improvement that I would make in their product placement is diversifying the industry the company utilizes (Murray, 2004, p. 64). This is not to say that they do not market their products effectively, no, this is to mean that they can capture the upcoming movie and TV industries such as in China, India, Australia where huge populations are concentrated. This would also minimize the over dependency of Hollywood for movie and TV placements. The large populations also mean a large general public that watches those TV shows.


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