Medecins Sans Frontieres Essay Example

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Is an international organization which works across the world in providing people medical services when they are need. They provide emergency medical care to many people across the planet that are facing crisis such as natural disasters, wars, famine and any other disaster. They also help stigmatized persons in the society to get access to medical care that may be problem for them to access. Upon occurrence of any disaster, many health officers such as nurses, doctors and other qualified professionals like water and sanitation experts, administrators, logisticians and the entire red cross fraternity working with medicines sans frontiers helps victims out of any disaster that have occurred (Hubbard 2011).

Health professionals are the most resourceful and important staff in executing missions of this group. Normally in any disaster, people face health problems which require help of an expert. During conflict, people are caught and injured maybe by bullets during shoot out, knives, bomb blast and even others are sexually molested. Others chased away from centers they were receiving medical care, which makes it essential to have these health professionals to help them since they know no border and can treat the casualties at the act of scenes, ensuring most people who are injured are easily saved (Hubbard 2011).

In epidemics, health professionals know how to respond to the outbreak. Diseases like cholera, measles, typhoid and any other disease-spreading through the air can be fatal if not contained swiftly. It is through this that we appreciate the work of these professionals. Medecins sans frontiers over the past ten years through health specialists have been heavily involved in treatment of deadly pandemic HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis which had previously lead to many loss of lives (Hubbard 2011). They offer advice to these casualties and medical care which reduce the threat. Medecins Sans Frontieres considers offering the best eminence medical services to the casualties which the health workers are best equipped to carry out.

It is approximated that about 195 million children suffer from malnutrition worldwide (Hubbard 2011). Among them, about 90 percent are based in Africa and southern Asia. Research proves that a third of eight million annual reported deaths of children are caused by malnutrition. Doctors of medicines without borders are greatly involved in offering these siblings medical services, and in 2009 they treated about 200,000 of them in Africa and southern parts of Asia. These professionals employed the use of ready-made food, a product affecting response to malnutrition. It is a product that has high concentration of milk, peanuts containing minerals, vitamins and nutrients required by growing children for proper development (Bortolotti 2010). Through this form offering these medicines to the children, doctors without borders were able to save lives of many children who could have lost their lives had it been the traditional style of treatment. In old-style handling programs, relentlessly malnourished children had to stay in hospital for long to get medical care.

Stigmatized persons are also able to acquire medical treatment from them. The sex workers, children in the streets, refugees and prisoners among others are highly discriminated in public places. This group of people is able to obtain medical they require through medical experts who freely offer treatment and advices to them when they are in need. They also bridge the gap generated by stigma of these people in the community as they are also able to obtain medicines they need (Bortolotti 2010).

When a natural disaster occurs its impacts could be too fatal and the affected nation may not be able to manage. These doctors help in dealing with it. They provide medical care to the injured people. Rescuing of those who may still be alive is also done by these health specialists (Bortolotti 2010).

There is a great need for inter-professional collaboration desire with other proffesionals. It is clear from the work they do that they are interested with helping out society. To have minimal damages and deaths when disaster occurs, it is important to have professionals from various fields. This ensures sharing of work to experts and each will work in field comfortable, minimizing dangers that the affected are exposed to and their life saving becomes much improved (Bortolotti 2010)


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