Mechanical Principles Essay Example


The dynamic parameters if a belt drive were determined through the calculation of maximum torque and power that can be accommodated by the wedge belt without causing failure or inaction. This was done given the friction coefficient, the angle of contact, the groove angle and the tension of the slack-side. It is important to note that the calculation of torque and power on the basis of mechanical principles normally give overstated values. This can be attributed to the fact that the calculation does not consider the stresses associated with the belt and other dynamic characteristics that are based on the belt material.

The main principle in epicyclic trains is the fact that the shafts’ axis where geared are fixed, ha motion that is relative to the fixed axis. These type of gears are applied in transmitting high velocity ratios given less space and moderately sized gears. They are mostly used in lathe machines and differential gears in vehicles.

During the determination of the dynamic principles of the friction clutch, the controllable friction clutch model that modelled a standard clutch based on kinetic and static friction that acts on two axes. The motion was represented as slip of follower, F in relation to the base. In frictional clutches, input pressure modulates the applied kinetic friction, and the input signal ought to be zero. The balancing masses important to avoid vibrations in rotating systems were also determined in task four. It is required that the rotation of the dynamic system does not result in centrifugal force. To avoid the stresses in the initially unbalances system, counter balance weights must be incorporated.

Kinetic energy is employed in to store energy in a rotating mass that is subject to low frictional losses. The mass speed of the flywheel is accelerated by the electric energy that is the discharged by drawing down kinetic energy. It is determined that the level of energy that be stored is based on the moment of inertia of the object and angular velocity, therefore, flywheel ought to rotate at the maximum speed so as to optimize the storage capacity