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Measurement systems and Metrics

Case study — Gimli Glider incident

In the case the aircraft was insufficiently refuelled due confusion over unit measures. From the mentioned it clearly shows that global unification of measurement systems is a critical issue. When one is not trained using either metric or imperial will have difficulty in his new place of work until he/she goes for retraining. This is clearly demonstrated from the case of the aircraft. Let us consider the following picture that shows how conversion takes place

measurement systems and metrics

From the above it can be noted that converting such data is a toll order for non-trained person. If such a person does not retraining it will be difficulty for him to comply with some set of rules that are designed for place of work making. This may prove to be time-consuming and not cost-effective for his businesses. This is the reason why the world should have uniform measurement system. In the event that a compromised measurement system does indeed, get established countries should adopt it. Developing new measurement system is not expected to happen overnight, but could span between one to two years. Therefore there is need to consider adopting one as universally say accepted measurement system

In general, these arguments are logical and well-reasoned, which is unsurprising because of Gimli Glider incident and problem associated with it. However, his arguments could even be strengthened if he cited more evidence from authoritative sources, like comments made by people from the affected by different measurement systems. It cannot be assumed that USA is going to adjust right away considering that they have already adapted to the Imperial system in preparing their economic activities and social setting.

Therefore, the main point of concern within these definitions is whether the universalization and adoption of measurement systems will ultimately render countries and nations cultureless and borderless in the near future. Several people have lamented that the continued interstate integration is leading to a loss of existing state borders and moral values as traditionally conservative nations are being influenced by liberalized and modernized areas where these measurement systems are not used.


Q2 -The USA is one of the very very few countries in the world which still uses the imperial system (miles, gallon, etc; so miles/hr is the metric for speed); whereas Australia has been using the metric system for a number of decades.

USA and Australia also differ in the driving system, with the system of driving on the right in the USA and driving on the left in Australia.

In view of the above facts, discuss some of the adaptions or difficulties that you might have initially, if you were to move from Australia to the USA to live for one year.

Any individual moving from Australia to USA will have difficulties in adapting to US laws especially the system of driving since in Australia is not using imperial system and the system of driving is on the right. This requires retraining of the immigrant before using American roads. Failure to do this may lead one TO committing traffic offences which may attract jail terms or fines. Some of the offences may lead to deportation. The training will entail on how to use the American laws including driving on the right as well as imperial system that how to use miles/hr is the metric for speed


Penalties for speeding offences in Victoria are as follows:

Exceeding the speed limit

Penalty (as at 1 July 2016)

Demerit points

By less than 10 km/h

10 km/h–24 km/h

25 km/h–29 km/h

30 km/h–34 km/h

A driver was caught speeding in a 50Km/hr zone, resulting in the issue of the following traffic infringement notice which said:

  • Permitted speed: 50 Km/hr

  • Alleged speed: 59 Km/hr

  • Detected speed: 62 km/hr

The driver was required by the Victoria Police Department to pay a penalty of $194 for the alleged speed of 59Km/hr.

Discuss why the Police Department which has the authority and power of enforcing the law did not charge the driver for travelling at 62 km/hr as detected by the Police Officer but at 59Km/hr, requiring him to pay a fine of $194 instead of $311 which raises more revenue for the Department. 

Note: This type of notice is issued to anyone who has committed a speeding offence, be it he/she has a good driving record or not.

In Victoria police officers have can be either uncontrolled or controlled. In a controlled situation, officers have strict orders which they follow in making discretion and this is mostly seen in serious cases. The uncontrolled discretion is a situation where the officer is in full control of the decision made and is responsible for such a decision. Controlled discretion means that officers must adhere to rules that have been set while in the uncontrolled discretion no rules are followed since the officer relies on his knowledge and expertise for decision making. When it comes to traffic cases, the Police Department which has the authority and power of enforcing the law did not charge the driver for travelling at 62 km/hr as detected by the Police Officer but at 59Km/hr. This when the speed detecting cameras detects speed of 62 km/hr for 50 zone the Victoria laws allows tolerance of 3 thus the Alleged speed of 59 Km/hr. The offender may challenge the results using this law and this may cause revision of the charge.