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Mckinsey & Company (Global managment consulting firm) application essay

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In the past 5 years, I’ve been able to counter a number of problems especially with regard to my health. I’ve been dealing with skinniness as my major challenge from the year 2012. This came about when I realised that image was a very significant entity of qualifying to become a management consultant (Heck 1173). In addition, I also faced challenges particularly in restaurants where individuals assumed that I always took small portions due to my small size yet I was on my quest of gaining a bit of weight.

In order to solve this challenge, I started consuming nutrient dense food by focusing on high-caloric foods that are highly loaded with nutrients. Furthermore, I stopped carrying out my training sessions on an empty stomach (Heck 1173). I started consuming proteins shakes every time I headed for the gym. This assisted me in gaining a few pounds while at the same time gaining shape. Additionally, I started living my life often around food. I reduced my eating hours to almost 2 to 3 hours daily (Heck 1174). I was able to maintain this discipline by setting a beeper that constantly reminded me how frequent I needed to eat. Also, I adopted the behaviour of taking double the amount I initially took before. This in turn doubled the amount of calories consumed per siting thus increasing the rate at which I gained weight (Heck 1175).

To sum up, the issues of gaining weight was a very challenging undertaking especially since I realized that it was a huge concern in attaining a management consultant image. From these challenges as well as the solutions put in place, I was able to learn that both commitment and passion wasn’t enough to effectively achieve my goal. I needed to add accumulate knowledge from the professionals regarding weight gaining such as consuming high-caloric foods as well as doubling my meal to name a few.

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