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Mckinsey & Company (Global management consulting firm) application essay

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Major Challenges I faced as a Consultant and How I Overcame Them

Being a professional consultant is a dream job for many professionals because consulting is so rewarding. However, Parikh notes that, like any other profession, professional consultants face myriads of industry-specific challenges on a daily basis that make their work difficult. As such, it takes the skilled people to overcome the challenges (6). Personally, I have been working as an associate consultant at KPMG Consulting at its Seoul office for the past five years, where I have faced many challenges as I go about providing consulting services to clients.

The first major challenge that I have repeatedly faced has to do with dealing with clients with supercilious goals but lack the attitude to think forward. In most cases, I have to deal with clients who are never willing to spend money though are expecting big results. Most of the clients that seek consulting services are short-term oriented and are not bothered about the long-term strategies. For instance, a client might at times come willing to invest money in advertising at present but when advised to consider adopting better campaigns that go beyond the one-year period, they end up holding back. However, being a professional consultant with skills and many years of experience, I often overcome this challenge by using case studies to convince them on the important of investing enough money and why they need to consider not just short-term goals, but also a long-term success. Additionally, I overcome this challenge by developing measuring tools which I give clients after teaching them how to use them to ensure that there is no guessing.

The other major challenge that I have faced as a consultant is trying to understand and relate to diverse needs of clients and their entire business agenda. For instance, most clients that I normally deal with have a difficult time understanding the benefits of say adding particular software. Besides, most clients do not understand how implementing a given piece of advice can be of help to them in augmenting their business. However, I have been able to overcome this kind of challenge by providing a detailed explanation to a client on the benefits of a given advice and how to implement them. For instance, in the case of a software addition, I normally recommend that the software addition is implemented in phases so as to allow a client and staff time to understand the module.

Therefore, I believe that I have the skills and experience in consulting that will no doubt be of value to McKinsey & Company and its clients given the opportunity to work as a consultant for this forward thinking firm that puts clients at the heart of its business.

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