MCFC Sport Funding and Sponsorship

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MCFC Sport Funding and Sponsorship

MCFC Sport Funding and Sponsorship

Section 1: Executive Summary

MCFC is a sport establishment that supports men, women and youth sporting activities. The club was established in 2009 and the name was later changed to MCFC. The sponsorship opportunity is seeking resources in terms of packages to support MCFC activities. The sponsor receives effective marketing and advertising opportunities. It includes presentation of information on signage and different MCFC assets. The targeted stakeholders include the audiences, the government institutions, and the management of MCFC. The sponsors are required to chose a package and provide the resources based on the nature of the package. The sponsor is required to employ different strategies in fulfilling the requirements of the sponsorship. However, effective communication is important in advancing the sponsorship requirements and agreements.

Table of Contents

2Section 1: Executive Summary

4Section 2: Cover Letter

5Section 3 – Sport Property

5Section 4 – Target Markets

7Section 5 – Promotional Plan

7Section 6 – Communicate Benefits

8Section 7 – Creative Leverage

9Section 8 – Budget, Investment & Evaluation

9Section 9 – Marketing Plan for the Property

9A Brand Bullseye

10SWOT Analysis

11PEST Analysis

11Competitor Analysis

12MCFC Target Markets

12Section 10 – Inventory of Assets

12Premium Sponsorship Package – Club Sponsor

13Premium Sponsorship Package – Team Sponsor

14Standard Sponsorship Package

14Normal Sponsorship Package


Section 2: Cover Letter

Dear Energy Drink Organization,

MCFC is among the leading soccer club in Australia and the club is seeking for sponsorship. MCFC was established in 2009 and has different assets that are based on the different teams including the women and youth teams. The aims and expectations of MCFC is to become a leading club in advancing sportsmanship requirements and expectations.

The sponsor will benefit immensely through marketing and advertising opportunities. Different packages have been developed and the sponsor is required to choose a specific package. The package comes with different asset utilization and the sponsor can seek for further information and clarification from MCFC.

The success of the engagement and partnership depends on effective communication and adhering with the agreements and contract obligations.


Section 3 – Sport Property

MCFC is an Australian professional football team that is located in Melbourne, Victoria. The team operates under license from Football Federation Australia and the A-League. MCFC was originally called Melbourne Heart in 2009 and was rebranded in 2014 after the acquisition of the team by City Football Group. MCFC is managed from the City Football Academy and are in partnership with La Trobe University. The team utilizes the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium sometimes called AAMI Park and has a sitting capacity of 30,050. The club is also affiliated to other numerous teams including the senior women’s team that competes in W-League, NPL team operating in the National Premier Leagues and youth team in the National Youth League. These different teams are an asset to the MCFC while the continuous developments enable advancement of sports activities.

The numerous affiliates including contribution from the La Trobe University improve its position in the community. In addition, the City Football Group has extensive experience in management of sports activities, meaning it has enough experience and capabilities to accomplish the expectations of the sponsor and the needs of the club.

Section 4 – Target Markets

The following are the target markets for the sporting organization, which the sponsor can utilize to engage the customers and audiences:

  • Youth – the youths are important because the youths define the future of football. The youth team also attracts different youths aiming to advance their passion in football or football careers. The youths also acquire different accessories and products that MCFC offers to its customers.

  • Women customers – there is a women team, which attracts women players. The audiences include male and female customers. The women who are after football careers will be attracted and feel to be integrated in the women football development requirements.

  • Male customers – in numerous football activities, male are important individuals and participate in numerous events. The provision of information to these individuals and engaging these individuals would increase the participation in advancing the requirements of the club. The customers will be able to be exposed to sponsor’s name and logos, which is integral to advertising and marketing.

  • Apparel and clothing providers – these are the companies supplying the clothes and other apparels to MCFC. These suppliers should be engaged and encouraged in sponsoring the team and the club activities.

  • Teenage customers – these are the prospective players and teenage who can acquire the products and services from MCFC.

  • Mature customers with families –these individuals are able to bring most of the family members. For example, the parents may come with their respective children, which is important in targeted marketing. The children can also influence the parents through customer behavior to acquire products and services associated with names and logos on products and services.

  • Couples – these are individuals who want to enjoy their free time and also to accomplish social requirements.

  • Sports enthusiastic – these are audiences and spectators who appreciate club activities especially the different sports events.

Section 5 – Promotional Plan

The targeted timeline is the 2016/2017 season. The promotional activities are aimed at utilizing MCFC assets in accomplishing the marketing and advertising requirements of the sponsor. The promotional activities will employ different activities. The sponsors are required to pick a package and the communication should be completed before the beginning of 2016/2017 season. The package lasts the season and extension can be made through engagement and communication. Therefore, it is estimated that the promotion that will be done through online and print publication will attract more sponsors. In addition, visits through the marketing and public relations team will be made on targeted corporations. The strategy is seeking corporations that shares similar vision and mission requirements.

Section 6 – Communicate Benefits

The sport property has numerous strategic fit to support the requirements of the sponsor. These strategic “fit” advances the values, objectives and audiences. These benefits are premised on the nature of package and other fundamentals associated with benefiting the sponsor. These elements can also be used to advance the requirements of the sponsor resulting in meeting the important objectives of the sponsor.

  • Utilization of online platform – the information of the sponsor depending on the package will be presented on the online platforms. The information includes the name and logo of the sponsor.

  • Training and playing gear – the logos and names of the sponsor will be strategically placed on the training and playing gear. It includes presentation of the name and logo on the back side of the training gear, and also other strategic MCFC assets will be used to advance the requirements of the sponsor based on strategic needs of MCFC.

  • Signage and images in the stadium and social events – the sponsor will provide the names and logo, and the information strategically placed within and around the stadium based on schedules.

  • Letterhead and other printable assets based on the package taken

  • Merchandise and discounts offered to the sponsors. The discounts would be targeted on the customers and club members.

  • Communication prior to the game – announcements will be made before home matches regarding the sponsors. Acknowledgement is important because the community would be brought in advancing the expectations of the sponsors.

Section 7 – Creative Leverage

The aim of the sponsor is to engage the customers or prospective customers on the products and services. The sponsor requires different platform that complements its values and mission requirements. The aim of MCFC is to receive resources to advance the strategic requirements of the company. These needs are different in nature, but a win-win situation may occur.

Sometimes, the effectiveness of the communication and engagement process depends on the framework a sponsor undertakes. The sponsor usually analyses the nature of the activities and the impact of different platforms in engaging the customers. For example, energy drink organizations can utilize these events to indicate the players gain more energy after consumption of the energy drink. Reviewing the strategic requirements of the sponsor relative to the offerings from MCFC is important in creating an effective leverage.

Section 8 – Budget, Investment & Evaluation

The success of the partnership depends on the success of the different partners. The sponsors are required to utilize different approaches to fulfill the requirements of the sponsorship. It includes making scheduled payments based on the engagement and understanding. MCFC on its part will ensure the requirements and agreements with the sponsor are considered in implementation of the sponsorship agreement. Hence, adhering to the legislative requirements are important in determining the effectiveness of the partnership.

Section 9 – Marketing Plan for the Property

The following is a brief marketing plan for MCFC sport organization. In the development of the marketing plan, different information and assets were analyzed and integrated in creating the marketing plan.

A Brand Bullseye

The following is information on MCFC

MCFC Sport Funding and Sponsorship

Based on the identified numbers:

  1. To be the best team among the A-League and also to cultivate a sports environment that incorporates the different requirements of the community. Furthermore, MCFC seeks to improve the football ideology and philosophy through assistance from different stakeholders.

  2. Seeking resources is important in accomplishing the vision of the sports team. It includes seeking for appropriate resources, and utilizing these resources to achieve organizational requirements.

  3. Teamwork and collaboration with different stakeholders through advancing high quality games and winning available trophies

  4. Quality assurances, adhering to existing legislations, and following different frameworks are aimed at achieving the vision of the team and the club.

SWOT Analysis

The following table summarizes MCFC strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


  • Has enough resources, which the owners of the company are ready to investment

  • Strong management team and leadership

  • The coach and players have experiences

  • The development of club assets such as the training grounds provides opportune for sponsor attractions


  • It was established in 2009

  • It is owned by investors who may be after the incomes rather than championing the needs of the community


  • Awareness on football activities is growing

  • Engagement with appropriate sponsor improves the implementation of strategic actions

  • Extensive competition from different competitors

  • Concentration on other sport events reduces the importance of football

  • ‘Poaching’ of players and management may affect the operations at the club

PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis enables discussion on political, economic, socio-cultural and technology situation of an organization. The following is discussion of PEST for MCFC:

  • Political – the political environment in Australia is stable while numerous policies and structures exist to advance the sporting requirements. The government and agencies have provided different frameworks to advance sporting activities in Australia.

  • Economic – the economic situation is improving since the financial crisis and the consumers have disposal income that can be used to seek MCFC services and products.

  • Socio-cultural – the cultural changes and social changes means that the audiences and other stakeholders are becoming more aware of football. The society is also changing because more people are appreciating sporting events and frequent such events.

  • Technology – the advancement in technology means that the communication and payments systems are improving. The communication and engagement with the customers is becoming easier and feedback can be received immediately. The availability of payment methods and streaming capabilities of the technology enables broadcasting of the sporting events. Therefore, more consumers and audiences can access the sporting events, which increase the exposure of sponsors logos and names.

Competitor Analysis

The following are the major competitors:

  • Melbourne Victory – the team is based in Melbourne, Victoria and competes in the A-League. The club was established in 2004. The club has won three A League Premierships, three A League Championships, one FFA Cup and one Pre-Season Challenge Cup. The club operates from two stadiums, which are Docklands Stadium with sitting capacity of 56,347 while Melbourne Rectangular Stadium has a sitting capacity of 30,050. Moreover, the club has both youth and women teams.

  • Western Sydney Wanderers – the team was established in 2012 and operates from Sydney, New South Wales. Within the short history, the club was able to win the AFC Champions League and the A-League Premiership. The permanent ground is at Parramatta Stadium while it current plays at Sydney Showground Stadium and Stadium Australia. The club also has youth and a women team.

MCFC Target Markets

The target markets are different because of the changing social and cultural factors. Aspects associated with the target markets are further discussed under target market section.

Section 10 – Inventory of Assets

Even though MCFC does not own the stadium, the rental agreement enables to make arrangements with the sponsors on advertising and marketing requirements. The following are the packages and allocation of assets based on estimated budgets. The budgets are negotiable based on the requirements and expectations of the company while considering the requirements of MCFC.

Premium Sponsorship Package – Club Sponsor

The package offering of Premium Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Be an exclusive rights sponsor for MCFC

  • Logo and name displayed on training and playing kits

  • Prominent signage on Sponsors Board

  • Framed picture of the team, which is suitable for office environment to acknowledge the company’s contribution to supporting the team

  • Prominent logo and name display on newsletters and other team collaterals

  • Prominent logo and name display on the football website

  • Complimentary invitations to MCFC social events during the season

  • Name and logo include on all online advertising and communication strategies

  • Loud communication and recognition before start of home games

  • Minimal signage space during away games

  • Optimum signage space during home games

  • Company allowed to utilize the logo and name on specific merchandise

Estimated budget for the proposal $100,000

Premium Sponsorship Package – Team Sponsor

  • Naming rights for naming MCFC for 2016 with recognition in all promotional and advertising material for the team

  • Logo and name display on training kits

  • Logo and display on sports club collateral

  • Prominent display of logo and name on club website

  • Presentation of information on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

  • Tear drop signs that are displayed at the away and home grounds games

  • Loud announcement and recognition during the home games

  • Complementary invitations to social events

  • Minimum signage space during the home games

  • Company allowed to utilize the logo and name on specific merchandise

Estimated budget for the proposal $70,000

Standard Sponsorship Package

  • Logo and name on the sports club website

  • Complementary invitations to one social events

  • Name and logo on Sponsors Board

  • Presentation of information on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

  • Loud announcement and recognition during the home games

  • Company allowed to utilize the logo and name on specific merchandise

  • Complementary invitation to one social event

Estimated budget for the proposal $40,000

Normal Sponsorship Package

  • Logo and name on the sports club website

  • Complementary invitations to one social events

  • Name and logo on Sponsors Board

  • Presentation of information on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

  • Loud announcement and recognition during the home games

  • Company allowed to utilize the logo and name on specific merchandise

Estimated budget for the proposal $10,000


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