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1-Wriitten or Oral Questions

Question 1

In essence, marketing practices can be associated with the process of distributing, promoting, as well as pricing of services or products. For a firm to thrive in the ever-changing business environment, all the activities mentioned above must be integrated or work together for an effective marketing assurance to be felt. Firms that have recorded burgeoning success in many years often understand their customers as well as well the general market thus create products and services that meet the existing market needs while taking advantage of optimum channels of communicating to their target audience. To delineate the proper application of the best marketing practices, the following section will depict how Merlo Coffee Shop, Australia, has managed to use the marketing mix: Product, promotion, place and promotion.

Merlo Cafe Shop has positioned itself as a healthy foods and quality coffee shop in Canberra Australia. There is a growing trend in Australians and the rest of the developing world to seek alternative healthy diets as a way of controlling lifestyle conditions such as obesity and diabetes. As such, the company took advantage of this concept hence establishing itself in Canberra. In effect, Merlo Cafe Shop combined the two consumer preferences in its target market to offer an appropriate product that would provide value to the customers. The core product for Merlo Cafe Shop is healthy foods, Paleo diets and quality coffee drinks cappuccinos.

  1. Promotion

The main purpose of promotion is to communicate a product’s value to the consumer (Pickton & Broderick, p.53). In effect, Merlo Coffee Shop often runs brand awareness campaign by advertising in the local Canberra newspapers, popular magazines, and local radio stations. These three channels are very effective in reaching the target market that comprises of health conscious Australians who enjoy traditional coffee drinks and the coffee shop experience.

Price portrays the value of a product to the consumer. A lower price may represent inferior quality or value for money to different consumers. A higher price represents high quality or unfair pricing to different consumers (Shankar, par.1). Since Merlo Coffee Shop is a new brand in the market, its intention is to gain a market share. A penetration pricing strategy has been adopted to attract consumers from the existing coffee shops. For instance, the average price of cappuccino in Canberra and Brisbane is $4.6. Merlo’s cappuccino is priced at $3.95. This price creates the impression in the consumer’s mind that Merlo’s is lower and offers value for money.

  1. Place/Distribution

Merlo Coffee Shop has opened a single cafe at Tuggeranong Hyperdome. This is a large regional shopping center in Canberra Central. This location serves 18 suburbs with a population of 86,900 as at 2011 census (Australian Bureau of statistics). This is a substantial target market for Gino Coffee.

Question 2

Blisters Hardware Store

Implementation Timeline for Rouse Hill Store Open Day

Marketing Strategies

Strategies’ Expenses



Organize the date and time of Rose Hill Store Open Day

Six days before the season begins

Marketing Committee

Organize for activities such as games during the opening day

— free training courses

— various sporting games

— Information desk to be set for welcoming volunteers.

-Avail forms for recording attendee’s details.

— sausage sizzle

(volunteers will be needed)

Sausages — $30

Buns — $15

Sauce — $4

Four days to the D-day

Marketing Officer

Develop fliers, posters and burners for advertising during the Opening

-Colored manila papers — $100

-Mattle Coated paper-$50

-Gloss coated papers-$50 photocopying costs —

-Designing and printing of burners -$200

4 days to the D-day.

Marketing Committee and organizing secretary.

-Give out fliers to members of community.

-Pin posters on local

Community’s notice boards and erect banners around the local shopping centers, swimming pools as well as social places.

-$100 to be paid to the city council workers.

4 days prior to the D-day.

Marketing Committee in conjunction the volunteer team leader.

Get in touch with heads of local grade schools and high schools

to place for information to be placed in the newsletter.

-Newsletter space fee-$30

4 days to the D-day.

Marketing Committee in conjunction the volunteer team leader.

Order for a signage – banner to be raised on against the Coffee Shop’s main entrance and the outside walls.

-Pay a signage firm $100 for banner and pay 100 for sign writing.

3 days to the Opening Day

Marketing Officer

Information to be placed in Local dailies and the firm’s newsletters offering free sausages, soft drinks to those who will bring friends during the open day.

Soft drinks and sausages — $120

3 days prior to the Open Day

The P.R officers and market officer

-Invite two renowned artists and a group dance to perform during the occasion.

-Invite the media and organize for a social media buzz.

-$5,000 for artists

-$10, 000 dancing crew.

-$1,000 for transport logistics

2 days to the D-day

Marketing Committee and the PRO

-Higher musical instruments, loud speakers, amplifiers, tents and 700 chairs


2 weeks prior

to season starting


Total Expenses =$29,949

Question 3

The effectiveness of the marketing initiatives will be measured through two main metric: the percent of both the positive and negative reviews for the attendees who will feedback forms after the Open Day. Besides, an online app will be used to gather the reviews from the company’s social platforms. Further, the marketing department will be conducting random structured interviews from customers at Rouse Hill Store.The must also generate monthly pre-tax revenue of $66,200 for the first 12 months for the marketing plan to be considered successful.

Question 4

Copies of press clippings will be collected, the media coverage will also be recorded by the IT department. Records of those who attended the function will also be recorded at the desk near the gate. All communications will be monitored and feedback from the potential clients will be gathered by the coordinators. Apart from the media’s recordings, the companies media man will be on the field various events as well as jotting down notes. Interview schedules will be prepared and the feedback will be collected and analyzed after the whole event.

Question 5

Before carrying out any market research, one will have to ask himself or herself two important questions: First, how does one carry out his or own market research for the study in waiting? The second question to be reflected upon is, what could be the basic steps needed to explore in order to complete the project. Accordingly, for one to select as well as use the appropriate research methods, the individual must begin by formulating a research problem. The second step would be to explore the method of inquiry. Typically, one will need to form a problem, come up with a hypothesis, predict the outcome based on the hypothesis, test the hypothesis and finally record the results. The third step would be selecting the method of inquiry or research method. The fourth stage involves choosing the research design. The fifth one is to come up with the best data collecting techniques such interviews, interview schedules, observation and the use of questionnaires. The next step would be to choose a sample design, and the other one is to gather the data. Lastly, one will need to analyze and interpret the data collected.

Question 6

Damson Children Health Center

General Information Leaflet

Do you have something to say about Health Services?

Not happy?

As a caring associate, we would love to know your thoughts about our services. They could be both positive and negative. Feel free to share your concerns

Contact us through phone, on 0174356811, or write to the David Jones, Public Relations Officer at Canberra. The address is 200 Broadway Av WEST BEACH SA 5024 AUSTRALIA.

 We understand that it is not easy to raise concerns or issues associated with a company, but as a concerned firm, we need to know if we can improve our services thus put things right as well as try to help.

 Start by making a suggestion via the cell phone first, if it is a little easier.

 secondly, if nothing is changing for the better or you are not still happy with our services kindly inform as through writing. (Turn to the back of this leaflet for help)

 We promise to tackle the issues brought forth within two working days, that is if you call us. It will take a minimum of 10 working days if you write to us although we will perpetually try to act as soon as we get the complaint.

 You are also at liberty to ask for other help for the problem to be sorted out. Accordingly, a person who can help is known as an advocate we are always ready to let you know where you can find one.

 ChildLine can be of help too. You can reach them through the phone number: 09999.

 We are always ready to best explicate things to both you and your advocate.

 We will often take seriously all the issues you may raise hence put things in order.

 If you are still not contented, you are free to appeal, and you might as well find help from the Children’s Commissioner Service.

Damson Children Clinic

The trusted and caring partner!

Question 7

During the planning of an Open Day event for our company’s sub-branch, a renowned artist, who had been invited to perform at the event called a day before the D-day to cancel the deal as he had been offered a better deal elsewhere on the same day. This last minute disappointment almost ruined our successful plan. More aggravatingly, the company was not in a position to meet his new package proposal, which was nearly triple, the previous one. Since we had advertised about the artist widely, I knew his fans and the rest of the attendees would be disappointed if he failed to show up. Thus, I sat down with the marketing committee to figure the way out. Luckily, I remembered that he is involved in a charity program, and he would take on a series of tours around the country the following month. As such, I offered to provide for free merchandise for two of his tours. Surprisingly, the artist agreed to come to the event to perform. The management was fascinated.

Question 8

Hervey Nichole Department store




-targets most the young as well as career professional market.

-targets customers between 25 to 34 years.

-targets customers with high disposable income


has five stores in the U.K

-opened new in Riyadh Saud Arabia

-targets customers in wealthy regions who love high end products


-targets customers who love fashion and high end products

-targets customers with considerable disposable income

-their clients are young confident, as well as self-assured

Question 9

i) Marketing

Marketing is associated with the management process of products and service for them to move from the production center to the customer. As such, marketing includes the coordination of four essential elements: product, price, place and promotion. Besides, the four elements are developed and linked to satisfy the customer needs.

ii) Marketing mix

It is the collaboration of four important marketing aspects: product, price, promotion and place, with the intention of influencing the customers to buy products and services. In essence, the aspect of product is associated with identifying, selecting as well as developing the commodity or service to be offered to the customer. Price involves choosing the right fee to be charged on th service or product to be offered. The aspect of place is associated with selecting the best channel of distribution for the service or product to reach the customer. Promotion involves all the activities related to raising client awareness of the product or service.

iii) Targeting

Involves the identification of the consumers, to whom the firm wants to sell its products and services to, hence directs its marketing force and efforts to towards the identified market.

iv) Positioning

This is a concept that outlines the steps the firm needs to take in order to market its services or products to customers thus creating the image for the product or service.

Question 10

i) Under the Misleading and deceptive conduct provision, business are supposed to ensure that all branding, quotes and statements associated with the products are not misleading or false.

ii) Bait advertising is prohibited in Australia

iii) Before erecting a sign, an organization needs to file or apply for the necessary permit.

iv) One must check and compile with the privacy legislation as well as spam regulation before taking on direct marketing.

v) Every business should comply with the Do Not Call Register legislation.

vi) Businesses cannot send spam messages through email anyhow they must be in line with the Spam Act 2003.

vii) Companies must adhere to the Intellectual property laws.

viii) Prices should be displayed clearly and accurately.

Question 11

a) Major changes associated with the corporate identity can only be approved by the Company’s President or C.E.O.

b) The organizational logo and Slogan is one hence no other logos and slogans can be developed to represent the organization.

c) No one should use the company’s resources and privilege to advertise or market his or her agenda.

d) Marketing strategies and advertisement design should not be leaked before they have been officially launched.

e) All company CSR activities must be approved by the C.E.O.

f) Only the company management is allowed to negotiate with third party with regards to marketing.

g) The company reserves the right to disown any promotional activity deemed subjective and malicious.

h) Promotions, C.S.R and other marketing proposals should be prepared six months before the inception date.

f) All funds released for marketing purposes should be properly accounted for and documented.

Question 12

In our coffee shop, we are selling two types of coffee: cappuccino and Espresso. To begin with, the Espresso is somewhat strong black coffee which is typically prepared by forcing steam to go through dark-roast aromatic coffee beans using an espresso machine under high pressure. The drink can be taken with or without a snack. When a dollop of steamed milk is added it is called macchiato. The coffee is delicious and is liked by many customers. On the other hand, cappuccino is a popular drink which is prepared by combining steamed milk, parts of espresso as well as milk froth. This tasty drink can be served as dessert as it has various flavors and richness.

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