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Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives for Nectar Spa is

  • Create awareness about the spa and the manner in which it will conform the life of people

  • Persuade people to undergo spa after certain time interval as it will revive a new energy and make people have better skin

  • Increase the market share by 5% at the end of 2016

  • Increase the customer base to 500 by 2016

Marketing Mix Strategy

Product Strategy

Core Product: The core product is the service which Nectar Spa provides which helps to revive skin by giving fairness and glow so that people feel more healthy and better

Expected Product: The product which has been developed and applied to people are natural and contains no chemicals. The product has been tested and complies with the requirement which will ensure that the product is fit for all skin, doesn’t contain allergy substance and is pure without any chemicals

Augmented Product: The product is highly pure and has been developed at Amazon to ensure that the different herbs and plants are used for operations. In addition to it life shield for the product is important and ensures its usage within the prescribed time limits

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Objective: The primary pricing objective is to attract premium customers which has thereby ensured that the pricing is slightly high so that better products without any chemicals can be provided.

Pricing Method: The pricing method which has been followed is prestige pricing mechanism where based on different treatment and time pricing has been determined. People using oil are priced $20 for 1 hours treatment, using chocolate are priced $35 for one hour and similar other pricing is done

Competition Considerations: There is competition from other players in the market who are working on similar business model but a sense of differentiation is present because the spa is totally natural as compared to other players in the market

Distribution Strategy

Nectar Spa has different spa’s located at different location throughout Australia so that the different needs of people are matched. It is imperative that people visit the centres so use the service which has thereby made it mandatory to have stores at different prime locations.

Promotion Strategy

Promotion Objective

  • To create awareness about spa and the manner it will improve the life of people

  • To raise preference of people towards natural spa

  • Improve publicity through public relation so that more and more people are attracted

Promotional Mix

A mixture of advertising, public relation and sales promotion strategy will be used to attract people

Advertising Media

Radio & Television: Nectar Spa will use both radio and television to create awareness about the spa and the different services which they provide

Print Media: Nectar Spa will use magazines to bring forward the use of spa and will and ensure that the choice of magazine matches the required criteria

Digital Media: Nectar Spa will use Twitter, Facebook and other mode of digital media to attract and retain people and attract new people due to the wide use of digital media

Public Relation:

Nectar Spa will use relation with people to create relation among people so that more and more people can be attracted. Using adds like newspaper and magazine will ensure that the degree of public relation will contribute towards better marketing of services

Sales Promotion

Nectar Spa will look to ensure that different sales promotion techniques like discounts and other services will be provided to customers so that more people can be attracted.


The budgetary considerations is as


Magazine advertisements

Magazine competitions

Radio advertisements

Sponsorship Event

Point of sale

Free Services


Social media

Maintaining social media sites

Google Adwords



In addition to it the advertisement will be on the following months

Magazine ads

Magazine comps

Radio ads


Point of sale

Free Service


Social media

Maintaining social media

Google Adwords


The manner in which the business has gained will be evaluated after a period of 6 months so that the gains can be identified and the manner in which it will contribute towards business growth can be understood

Campaign Monitoring: The campaign will be monitored after regular time intervals so that the business gains can be identified. The monitoring of campaign will be measured based on growth of business and the manner in which it has contributed towards business achievement


The paper thereby provides the complete marketing strategy which Nectar Spa can look to follow in the future and the manner in which it will help to improve the overall business potentials.


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