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Marketing Case Study

Marketing Case Study


Explanations as to the longevity enjoyed by some companies in the market can only be explained through the metamorphosis that they make and their efforts that are directed towards ensuring that they make it as brands (Kutcher & Soils 2010). Rollerblade Company is not an exception to lasting in the market for over three decades. The paper therefore is an analysis as to what makes Rollerblade Company stay competitive for three consecutive decades.

Offering Value added Products

The Rollerblade Company does not only develop products according to its market segments but also designs skates which offer value to its clients. For instance, the company values the way the skates are to fit the clients. Therefore, the skates for recreational segment come with a closing mechanism that allows a user to secure the skate boot to fit his or her legs. For the fitness market segment, boots are designed with arch frames, gel cushions and ventilated mesh panels which add value to the company’s products. The aggressive segments skates are designed with customized shells and wheels which are typical of the youths. Creation of value added products will make the consumer create a loyalty for the company’s products for he or she will feel that his/her needs are catered for (Kutcher & Soils 2010). This explains the reason as to why Rollerblade Company has been in existence for three decades in the market.

The Evolution of Rollerblade Company Products to Cater for the Needs its Clientele

There are four segments that the company develops products for. Skates for children are developed in such a way that they are easily expandable as the children grow up. Stakes for recreational segment clients are developed in such a way that they are light and easy to put on which makes skating for this segment fun and interesting. The fitness segment is catered for through having skates which have a technological advantage. The aggressive segment which mostly comprises the youths has skates that fit their needs. The company also designs skates which are tailored to women’s feet. This understanding and classification of the company’s market makes it possible to cater for all the needs of the clients and according to their expectations (Kutcher & Soils 2010).

Adoption of Aggressive Marketing and promotion strategies

The expansion of the company geographically and also exporting of the company’s products increases the client base which the Rollerblade Company is able to reach. New customers who are geographically spread ensure that the company increases its client base while at the same time maintaining its old clients. Adoption of promotion strategies for instance, sponsoring of in – line skating events ensures that Rollerblade Company maintains its presence in the market and emphasizes its products. Adoption of a wider range of distribution strategies for instance, direct sales and establishment of a distribution network through sporting goods stores are all marketing strategies designed to ensure that the end user client feels the presence of Rollerblade Company brand effectively and easily.

Investment in Research

For the company to identify the market segments which it has identified, to produce products which add value to the client and to embark on exporting it must have done research into the markets it plans to diversify into, the segments that it wants to produce products for among others. This shows that Rollerblade Company continuously carries out research and perhaps among the reasons as to why it has made to stay afloat in the market for three decades in the face of competition.


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