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2.1 Purpose:

The marketing report is trying to assess the competitiveness of the settebello restaurant where the business environment in which the company operates is analysed. The marketing plan of the company should ensure that the company is competitive in the market where it is expected to increase its sales (Kerin, 2012). Settebello Restaurant has been operating the fast food industry where it offers outstanding pizzas in the market.

2.2 Scope:

The marketing place will last for around three months to ensure that the customers in the market are aware of the products of the company. The main competitors of settebello include Max on hardware restaurant, Melbourne VIC 3000, Little Bourke St, Nostro posto restaurant and Italia plus 39 Pizza.

2.3 Methodology:

I will conduct a survey to get the necessary information where the oral interview will be the primary data collecting tool. I will also rely on secondary sources of data such as magazines where I will use descriptive research design. The primary focus will be on the product, price, promotion, placement, presentation, and people.

3. Situation Analysis

3.1 Market Analysis: the market is competitive due to the increasing number of the companies that have been entering the market hence decreasing the market share (Kotler, 2012).

3.2 Company Summary: the company has been competitive in the market as it has managed to differentiate its products.

3.3 Products Overview: the products are competitive in the market as they are of high quality (Schultz, 2013).

3.4 Environmental Analysis: the business environment for the company has been changing due to the constant fluctuations in the tastes and preferences of the consumers

3.5 Customer Analysis: the customers are price sensitive due to the many firms that have been operating the industry hence they can easily switch to the competitors’ products.

3.6 Competitors Analysis: the competitors have been using technology in the service delivery to ensure high-quality services.

3.7 SWOT Analysis


  1. Strong capital base

  2. It is innovative


  1. Inadequate skilled workforce

  2. Increased costs of production


  1. Growth of the fast food market

  2. Technological advancements


  1. Increasing competition

  2. Changes in consumer tastes

4. Marketing Objectives: the marketing objective of the company is to increase the sales volume by increasing the popularity of the product in the market.

5. Target market: the targeted market of the company is the young and working age that has disposable income for eating out.

6. Proposed Marketing Strategy: the company will make use of social media networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in marketing its products.

7. Marketing Budget: the company is planning to spend $20,000 in marketing activities of its products mainly promotional campaigns.

8. Conclusion:

The marketing plan will make Settebello Restaurant competitive in the market as the product will be made known in the market. Besides, through the marketing activities, the marketing manager will be able to realize the changes that are taking place in the market hence tailoring its products to meet the market needs (Gordon, 2011). This is essential to make the products of the company relevant in the market hence ensuring that the consumers are satisfied.


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