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Marketing Plan for iPad Pro Tablet

The marketing plan will be concerned with marketing and promote the sales of 9.7-inch iPad Pro manufactured by Telstra Corporation Limited and distributed throughout the country. The plan targets tech-savvy youthful market of ages 20-40 years and will allow installment payments to enhance the affordability of the product and to reach a wider market. The objectives of the plan are to increase sales of the product to increase the revenues and in turn, profit margins. Additionally, the plan will also aim to increase the awareness of the product to the target group, including its features, and potential benefits of purchasing the product. The plan also aims at persuading the target audience to purchase the product from Telstra Corporation and not from other sources as well as informing the target audience of other products available from the Corporation. At the end of the process, the Corporation targets an increase in sales of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro by 60 %.

Marketing Activity


Researching on Target Customers

The first activity

Design Marketing Concept

Start after completing 1

Launch promotion

Start after completing 2

Evaluation and Monitoring of the process

Start one month after completing 3. It is a continuous process.

The entire period of promotion.

After launching the promotion, monitoring of the process is critical to ensure that the process is as per laid down in the plan. Important points to monitor are the distribution channels to ensure that the product is accessible to the target audience[ CITATION Mod13 p 44 l 1033 ]. The pricing model of the product also requires monitoring to ensure its affordability as well as communicating the promotion message to the target audience. Additionally, close monitoring of the sales promotion mediums is critical to ensure that they reach the target market. Close monitoring of these points is in line with the marketing objectives as they will lead to an increase in sales and turn, increase revenue to the corporation. To effectively monitor the product, marketing, pricing, and distribution policy about market changes, the marketing team will keep a constant record of market indicators to formulate a strategy to deal with sharp deviations from the norm and mitigate any disastrous outcomes that may arise from market shocks. About marketing plan objectives, as the manager, I will oversee that due diligence is observed in implementing the plan to ensure that promotion is carried out as per plan. In the context of organisational requirements, organisational goals and requirements will be incorporated in the formulation of the plan to ensure that they form the heart of the plan. The goals of the plan will be in line with the goals of the plan. Monitoring of the return on the promotion will be carried out using the schedules on the plan to determine whether the marketing progress is in line with the targeted performance. Activities will be rated as successful or not according to the time taken to complete and resources allocated. Tasks are considered successful if completed on time, within the stipulated budget[ CITATION Mod13 p ,76 l 1033 ].

The marketing objectives of the plan will be communicated to all departments in the organisation to enable different departments to contribute to the success of the activity. A face-to-face meeting with departmental heads will be arranged to give them the details of the plan. Also, copies of the plan will be given to everyone to increase awareness of the activity. Departmental heads will then pass details to their respective departments. The plan will be written in a simple language that majority will understand, but further clarifications will be given on request.

The manager of the process will appoint a 5-member strategic team who will assign various roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the plan. The importance of the process will be educated to the employees. In the case of disagreements, they will be encouraged to inter change roles so that everyone get the part he/she is comfortable.

The communication strategy to be employed is online communication, which is an important way of team communication. Online communication enables different teams to interact even when they are distances apart to meet the marketing objectives. Each member of the team will be assigned a smartphone for this activity. Also, the department will open an interactive video, message and text app where team members will interact in the course of the promotion period.

The management will assist the teams to meet the objectives by availing all the necessary resources. Also, the management will provide necessary advice on request and will continuously review the plan to ensure that objectives are achievable and relevant. Incentives will be provided to boost the morale of employees. Individuals and teams will be evaluated through time and cost parameters. Team performance will be checked using the time taken to complete the task and the resources used to the schedule and budget to minimise underperformance.

The promotion intended to increase the sales of the product by 60 %. However, only 44% sales were realized, and the failure to reach the target was partly due to poor communication and setting an unrealistic goal as time frame would not allow such huge rise in sales. The distribution channels were very efficient and allowed a smooth promotion and the product was accessible everywhere, anytime. The pricing of the product was good and ensured affordability of the product. Additionally, the pricing model allowed payment in installments to promote sales to the audience who could not purchase the product at once.

Failure to reach the target sales was because of communicating the promotion message poorly to the target audience. The message in the advertisements was not appealing and did not attract many customers. The management noted this and more relevant and appealing message would be used in the next promotion. The pricing model was very effective, and the approach was recommended for repeated campaigns and promotion of other company products.

The distribution channels and the pricing model performed beyond expectations. The products were everywhere, and the price was within reach of the majority of the target audience. The effectiveness of the two ensured that the promotion was successful and recorded an increase in sales to 44 %. The emergence of social media has brought in the new market for iPads, and the next target for our promotion will be high schools and colleges/universities.

Several changes occurred in the market phenomena and affected the marketing objectives. The competitors carried out parallel campaigns, thereby increasing competition for the same target audience forcing us to reduce prices of the product. New technology emerged in the course of the promotion, and this made it harder to convince customers who wanted new technology. Overall, considering that the project was completed on time, utilised the resources as stipulated in the budget and met the overall objectives, the marketing project was a success.

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