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The positioning of a brand refers to the creating an image of a brand targeting its audience. Positioning is done through the use of promotions, price, place, and products.

During positioning, the following factors have to be considered; target market analysis where a complete research of market is carried out. The research provides full knowledge of the market. What need to be provided is identified and what already exist is identified. Dior brand should be available and fitting diverse cultures existing in Australia. Women have different taste but due to fashion, they like buying luxury clothes away from their motherlands. Hence, they create a potential market for the Dior brand (Gbadamosi et al., 2013. N.p).

The number of ladies in Australia is many considering that they are a mix of diverse cultures and people from various countries. Hence, the ladies form an important market for the sales of the Dior brand.


Several business positions themselves through the use of advertisements. The advertisements create awareness to the customers about the existing products. Good advertisement attracts more customers to buy the product. Dior brand should be extensively advertised through the use of posters, displays especially during exhibits and through making the display in media houses to create awareness of the brand to the public (Gbadamosi et al., 2013. N.p).

Positioning in the company selling Dior brand can be through sales location. The company and the distributors should choose right channels of distribution. The distributors should ensure that they place Dior brand close to the target market, that is, close to the consumers. Display out of store should be similar as that one found in the stores to maintain the identity of the Dior product (Gbadamosi et al., 2013. N.p).

Positioning is also done through price. The price of an item tells more about the item buyer intends to buy. High price items are considered of high quality and vice versa. Hence, the Dior brand should have the premium prices, especially for the financially stable buyers as it will increase the trust among them. The company should provide alternative Dior brands that will supplement the expensive products, and they should be placed in the middle of the market (Gbadamosi et al., 2013. N.p).


Brand positioning should be based on the following factors. The suppliers of the product should determine what dimensions are essential for positioning. It means that they should target the potential customers and those that are able and willing to buy the brand. The criteria for decision making should be well planned to make a sound and effective plans (Blankson et al., 2012. P.p 131).

They should be the position of the Dior brand, currently in the market. On the same line, the company should identify the gaps left in the market un-served or underserved and work towards closing these gaps through effective consumer’s satisfaction (Blankson et al., 2012. P.p 131).

The Dior suppliers should also identify the new positioning opportunities. Identification of these opportunities will ensure they supply the products in the potential areas. They will also be able to create more awareness and convince consumers in the poorly performing areas (Blankson et al., 2012. P.p 131).


Competitive advantage refers to a set of unique features of a company and its products and its services. The products and services are differentiated from the other that competes with them. The advantages are achieved through cost, product and services differentiation and positioning strategy (Hatch et al., 2015. P.p 18091).

Cost can be minimized through use of inexpensive raw materials, controlled costs, and efficient operation to create maximum value to consumers. The company supplying Dior brand should use skilled workforce to ensure their products are of high quality but affordable to potential consumers (Hatch et al., 2015. P.p 18091).

The Dior suppliers should make their brand unique from other common and local products. They should be valuable to increase consumer’s loyalty. They should use new technology in modifying their products to make more attractive Dior brand that satisfies the consumer’s taste. A valuable product distinguishes itself from the others, it is reliable and becomes hard to get.

Positioning strategies as mentioned earlier should be unique and away from most of its competitors. They should locate the gaps that need to be closed and utilize the opportunity through the effective supply of what the consumers demand. It ensures that Dior brand remains differentiated from other products that compete with it in the market (Hatch et al., 2015. P.p 18091).


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