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Samsung sliding PC7 Series

Samsung Electronics in Australia is about to launch the sliding PC7 tablet in the market. The PC maximizes the advantages of a tablet with its design, compactness, and a sliding keyboard. The tablet also has improved performance and productivity. The device will be available through Samsung resellers and several distribution channels. A media plan is important for the company because it needs advice on advertising, media choices, media effectiveness, and promotion. The market has a variety of tablets, but most customers want devices with elegance, portable and easy to use. Most people want a tablet that acts as a laptop that is touchscreen.

It is important as part of the media plan to let the market know that the tablet is equipped with Microsoft Windows seven, and the series offers comfort and familiarity to users when enhancing their experience. The device also offers optional 3G connection and therefore internet connection anytime. The device is easily packed and is used to make presentations or to record data, and it is suited for indoor and outdoor activities. The tablet is slim, and it allows mobility without compromising the professional settings. Additionally, the media planning should also inform the market that this device conserves energy, and it has a spacious storage.

A media plan involves selecting the best media platforms to use for the tablet. While determining the most appropriate media platform, it is important to determine the number of customers that can be reached through different media platforms. How much money is to be spent and the frequency of the adverts should also be considered. The primary purpose of a media plan is to determine the most appropriate way to send a message to the targeted audience. The media plan is in four stages that are; market analysis, media objectives, media implementation, and evaluation and strategy development.

For the tablet, the first phase involves an analysis of the situation and marketing strategy. This information forms the basis of what the rest of the plan depends on. The main objective of the media plan is to reach a broad range of customers and make as many sales as possible. After a lot of comparisons the most appropriate media platform is television. This is because the audience can see the product and its awesome design rather than hearing it in radios or other platforms that lack video. Another form of advertising that would also be appropriate is through billboards whereby most people will be able to see the product as they move around towns in their vehicles or whatever means of transport they could be using.

The media objectives, in this case, are to create an acceptable brand image through creativity. The advertisements should display the uniqueness of the tablet so as to make it stand out among the many available tablets. Another objective is to reach a broad audience, and this is achievable through airing the adverts during prime times that are when most people are tuned in. Such objectives influence the media strategy implementation and development. Several actions assist in meeting the set objectives such as the media mix, the target market, geographic coverage and budget considerations.

The media mix is combinations of media channels which are used to meet the objectives. A target market is a group of consumers that is aimed at by the marketers. For the Samsung tablet, the target market is people aged between 23 years and 45 years. This is because the target market can afford the device and most people at this age require the sleek and high-performance devices such as the tablet. The amount of people to be reached through the advert is also an important consideration. The target market as described can be reached through television and billboards in town and therefore an appropriate coverage is attained.

The adverts should be as creative as possible so as to attract many consumers (Sissors et al. page 4). A television advert should be colorful, and it should display the impressive features of the PC tablet. Social media can also be used because it is easier to get feedback through that than with billboards. Another important aspect is the budget consideration. Samsung is a well-established company, and it can afford the media plan which will enable the company make more sales and therefore more profits. This media strategy is effective because it will be able to reach a broad range of consumers both through television and social media.

The media plan, in this case, involves targeting, budgeting, setting objectives and understanding the audience. Samsung should consider the media choices explained because he is the most effective and appropriate. The media platforms chosen that is television, and social media have a great impact and Samsung will be able to collect the feedback required to make changes in its approach or make advancements to its tablet PC 7.


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