Marketing of service Essay Example

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Flight Centre is one of the dominant travelling agencies that Australia has had to boast. It offers affordable flights, both international and domestic, deals in hotel, insurances for travelling, special packages for holidays, cruises, among others. It has blended travelling experiences and caters for a wide range of visitors from all over the world. The agency has guidelines that help it to deal effectively with its global clients. The guidelines are reinforced by the Standard of Operating Procedure (SOP) which details all the steps that guides frontline operators to action. The agency relies on the SOP and scripting for its frontline operations.

Owing to the nature of clients that it deals with, the agency has a scripting that supports relevant programmes that are meant to improve the efficiency with which it discharges it operations. The scripting also contributes to the overall functionality of the system in terms of discharging services to the clients (Cook, 1998, 3).

The SOP alongside established regulations allows managers and operators to make decisions faster with ease and confidence which enhances the efficiency of the agency. As such, frontline operators have been able to discharge services with a high degree of accuracy and confidence in resolving any problem, or in defending the decisions that they make. The SOP is ideal for the agency since it takes into cognizance the capability and locale of the agency, and the need to reinvent novel ways of operating in this increasingly competitive segment of the market. With SOPs, operations are always professional and individual workers are able to work cohesively and discharge better services with little supervision. This has set good habits at work, has eased decision making processes and improved efficiency in the frontline operations.1


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Cook, J.L 1998. Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines. New York: Fire Engineering Books.