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Marketing mixMarketing mix 1

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Marketing Mix

BSBMKG502 Establish and Adjust the Marketing MixUNIT OF COMPETENCY

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Marketing Mix Report


Rezdy is ultramodern online booking software, which offers instant reporting as well as the overview of bookings and availability. The brand offers the customers a chance to make real-time online payments and bookings on the websites of the activity and tour operators. As a result, Rezdy reduces costs of administration, increases direct online sales, and enable operators to manage bookings efficiently.


The features of the product include complex partner options: Both the suppliers and Agents can open free Rezdy accounts wherein they can send directly bookings to their account calendar. With Rezdy accounts, they can look for tour operators within their area and collaborate in reselling their products using these accounts. The Rezdy software offers automatic tracking activity, which consequently facilitates them to follow the partner activities; system’s log and finding where the sales are coming from. The software enables the agents to charge a commission fee. Another feature is product configuration: the process of creating product in Rezdy is not only sophisticated, but also elegant. Furthermore, availability is based on flexible or fixed dates and the user can decide whether availability should be displayed to the customers. Order Status is another feature, whereby editing and viewing orders has been taken by Rezdy to a whole new level. The software also supports Multi-Lingual, numerous international languages. Presently the users can choose different languages, especially German, English, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Czech, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, and many others. Besides that, Rezdy provides coders with an opportunity to create their own app as well as a custom integration. That is to say, developers have been registers are allowed to access hundreds of catalogues and product details. Tracking gift cards, vouchers, as well as coupons on the Rezdy’s system is very easy
(GetApp). Other features include:

  • PayPal integration

  • Book now button

  • Passenger manifest and channel manager

  • Agent desk

  • Multi language and currency

  • Visual calendar

  • Developer API

  • Booking Automation and enquiry management


Rezdy is beneficial because it has been designed for various activities and processes such as sightseeing, tours, tickets, vouchers, shuttle, rental, as well as attractions. The software offers some unique features such as equipment rental, optional services, hotel pick, passenger manifest, and visual calendar that are user friendly, which help the users to manage their resources and bookings. More importantly, the product can be used easily by businesses and customers: the Rezdy’s interface can be handled easily by the account users and customers. In addition, the software offers helpful support thanks to its support team that is pervasive and friendly. Rezdy is affordable, has a professional Look, and offers fine-tuned solutions that meet the needs of the customers.


Some pre-set integrations with social media site sites (Facebook and Twitter), Google Analytics, payment gateways are offered by Rezdy. The software enables users to integrate their own application into the system through Rezdy’s open Application program interface (API). Some of Rezdy’s integrations include:Calendar Sharing, whereby Rezdy providesone-way integration with numerous apps, such as Microsoft Outlook, iCal as well as Google Calendar. The users can view confirmed bookings for the last one week and the next two months in the linked calendars. Another integration that Rezdy offers is Payment Processing: The software process payments through, Stripe, Eway, Payway,PayPal, Ogone, FirstData as well as DPS(Merchant Maverick). The users can also sync their Rezdy accounts using Google Analytics in order to track the success of their websites. In terms of social media, Rezdy enables users to directly book from a Facebook page and also enables them to link their account to TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter.

2. PLACE (Distribution)

Channels of distribution

The channel of distribution can be described as the means through which the product/service gets to the customers as well as how they pay. Normally, the channel of distribution involves third party resellers or direct transaction. Rezdy channel of distribution is the company’s website, which is utilised by many travellers seeking to book their activities and tours online. For this reason, Rezdy website has been optimised for mobile platforms since the majority of its consumers make their transactions using tablets and smartphones. In addition, Rezdy’s website provides a user-friendly and convenient booking form; thus, reducing the likelihood of customers filling lots of fields to make reservations. Thanks to its online booking system, Rezdy provide an effective as well as simple form which offers the company the needed information devoid of discouraging the users from carrying out the transaction. Rezdy’s direct bookings are exceedingly high because its online booking enables the customers to book directly.

Rezdy also uses the ‘agents’ as a channel of distribution since they enable the company to reach visitors and travellers without access to the company; therefore, the Rezdy has networked with different agents to facilitate the distribution of its services. In addition, the company provides its agents information regarding its products. Using the Channel Manager feature, the agents can sync their live availability with other networks of distribution. As a result, the agents can exactly see what available all through is, and reduces confusion at the time of booking. Other channels of distribution used by the company include Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), which use their website to list tour or activity; thus, enabling the users to look for Rezdy and click through in order to make reservations. This distribution channel follows the pay-per-click set-up. Rezdy also use government websites that focus on destinations such as Destination NSW to leverage. Visitor Information Centres is another distribution channel used by Rezdy to organise transport, tour, and accommodation bookings since majority of travellers normally use these centres to look for information regarding things to do in a certain destination. Lastly, Rezdy uses coupons and vouchers to fill its capacity, especially during slower periods. This is achieved through the daily deal site in order to improve the awareness regarding the software devoid of using a lot of money.

Where it is Available for Purchase

In order to purchase Rezdy, the users can pay through, Stripe, Eway, Payway,PayPal, Ogone, FirstData as well as DPS or call +61 2 8244 3060 (Australia) or +1 415 655 1633 (the United States) to get information from the voice-activated agent. More importantly, can use the online booking software at the company’s website ( in order to book for tickets, charters, shuttles, tours, rentals, or other activities.

Product coverage

Almost 73 countries utilise the Rezdy every day in order to sell their products or make bookings in real-time using various channels of distribution. Some of the countries supported by the software are from North America (e.g. Canada and U.S), Latin America (Brazil and Mexico), Middle-East, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.

How the Product Is Displayed To the Customer

Rezdy is displayed to the customers mainly through Per Product Video, testimonials and The Experience Itself. With the view to Per Product Videos, Rezdy creates videos with the objective of posting online regarding the services it offers. Normally, these videos offer its customers some insights on what they would experience while on the tour and also offer them some information regarding the providers’ activities. In addition, the Per Product Videos display Rezdy’s resources and explains how the customers can easily book tours as well as activities online. Such informative videos offer the customers some assurance before booking. Testimonials are important because it enables the customers to share their experience after using Rezdy. These testimonials could be utilised as a resource to the potential customers. The company also display its product through experiential videos, whereby the customers are showcased what they likely experience would while utilising Rezdy. These videos offer the customers some information of what they could experience after using Rezdy.

The pricing structure of Rezdy has been changing continually in the last few years (Merchant Maverick). As a result, the majority of the customers are paying more for a similar pricing tier and Rezdy’s customer base has been divided into agents and suppliers. The suppliers are users who run rental, tour, activity, shuttle, or other services. The Rezdy’s agents are users selling tours on the behalf of the supplier. Suppliers and agents are offered a free plan, which is a pay-as-you-go strategy lest the suppliers plan to utilise Rezdy for passenger logistics as well as internal bookings. The free plan contains some features such as community forum, a portal for concierges and agents to gain access to the local businesses. More importantly, the members are allowed to book and sell products using the operators’ accounts. It also has vouchers and gift cards, passenger manifest, $2 charges per booking, automated follow-ups as well as reminders, and a 6% charge on all direct online bookings. Other accounts include Starter, pro, Premium, in addition to Enterprise. For the Starter account, the subscribers pay a monthly fee of $85/month or $948/year. In this package, the users are allowed to make at least 25 free transactions, and afterwards, $1 for every booking made. Additionally, it has free internal bookings.

The Pro account subscribers pay $139/month or $1668/Year and come with some benefits such as 100 free transactions monthly, and afterwards, 75 cents for every booking made. Subscribers of Pro package are allowed to sell vouchers, coupons, gift cards and extras and also tours, tickets, shuttle as well as rentals. They also enjoy free internal bookings, automated follow-ups and reminders, 60 minutes free call. For the Premium account, subscribers pay $199/month or $2148/year and get 250 free transactions every month, and afterwards, 65 cents for every booking made. Aside from enjoying all Pro package features, they also enjoy quick availability update and their account is integrated with Smartwaiver, Webhooks and TripAdvisor. The last account is Enterprise, whereby subscribers pay a monthly fee of $449/ or $4788 /per year and enjoy all the Pro account features, Xero integration and Priority Support. They also get 500 free transactions monthly, and afterwards, 50 cents for every booking made. Rezdy offers 15 per cent discount to charities and non-profits, after they register for a free trial. To get the discount the organisations must send an email with a link to their website. Besides that, Rezdy offers volume discounts, especially to larger businesses that have high volumes of online booking. In order to qualify for this discount, the business must make over 1200 online bookingsevery month.


Rezdy does not use sales person, instead, it relies on different forms of advertising and marketing to promote its services. For instance, Rezdy uses Promo Code to bring in more subscribers, especially during the slow season. This is achieved by offering a free gift to the subscribers. The promo codes are created with the objective of promoting different groups of customers. This as a result has enabled the company to increase its customer base. Besides that, Rezdy promotes its services by tracking ROI. The company normally release various promo codes on diverse platforms so as to determine the platform that would work effectively with Rezdy. For example, the company provides its customers promo code after commenting on its Facebook post. By tracking its returns on such promo codes, Rezdy is able to determine which platform can help promote the business more effectively. Another way of promoting its Rezdy is by offering the customers some gifts after subscribing to either of its accounts. For instance, the company offers its users coupons such as beach towels after they make an online booking. Although providing coupons reduce the company’s profit margins during the promotion period, it eventually results in increased sales and also more loyal customers.

Rezdy also uses direct marketing with the objective of developing marketing strategies for the future and business growth as well as increase customer loyalty. Direct marketing has enabled Rezdy to reach its audience devoid of utilising traditional media or channels, like radio, television, newspapers or telephoning. The company normally communicate directly with its consumer using social media sites and blogs. This results in an interactive communication between Rezdy and the customers. Thanks to direct marketing, Rezdy has been able to compile and maintain an enormous personal information database regarding the potential clients and customers. Such information enables the company to personalise its communication with different messages.The company has no noticeable public relation activities.


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