Marketing management-Ray Ban (sunglasses) Essay Example

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Marketing mix refers to the structured deployed of the components of marketing plan, which are controllable. It includes 4Ps, often referred to as: The place, promotion, price and product (White, 8).

Product: Ray Ban has a well-established and long standing brand. Ray-Ban products (sunglasses) remain one of the leading global brands. When one comes across Ray-Ban’s signature sunglasses for example the wayfarer or the aviator one immediately thinks of Ray-Ban. Most of their shades are self-expression and gender neutral and is appealing across several generations. Their sunglasses create awareness about the significance of having the protective durable and high quality lenses. Ray-Ban offers many colors and numerous styles. Their newly launched product the electric eyewear provides innovative and durable styles making them to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Prices: Price remains a sensitive component of marketing mix, particularly during the times of economic instability. Clients are more and more searching for the best deals or prices the market can offer and with the growing status of cost comparison websites, it has even gotten easier for customers to get the least price offers (White, 14). Nonetheless, it is not a must that you have the cheapest price to offer the best deal; you can add value to your products as well as other options of market competition. Ray-Ban sunglasses are moderately priced to effective compete with several other products. According to ( it displays brands of the same range of prices as other competitors however; it provides variety of female and male styles. Ray-Ban prices differ from one collection to the other, the junior shades prices differs from the adult sunglasses, ($100 for juniors -$500 for adult collection).

This is the component of marketing mix, which informs the consumers what is in the market and is being offered to them. Promotion entails activities like corporate identity, branding, sales, PR, advertising, special offers etc. The key objective of promotion is to acquire the attention of prospective consumers whereas reminding the existing clients why they choose to buy your brand. Their brand promotes individuality concept. In the present day society, people look for means to uniquely express themselves, and Ray-Ban brand provides a variety of styles that gives them the opportunity to celebrate self-expression and to stand out.

The company has unvarying social networking presence, from posters to viral videos which are very entertaining and people normally share with their family members or friends, through social network site such as twitter and facebook or via emails that really promote the brand. They also use high end fashion magazines that target women and men. They also use public artifacts and entertaining commercials and buzz words to relate to and identify with customers.

The place: Ray-Ban shades are available in nearly all department stores. Virtually there is no store that offers shades that you will not get Ray.Ban offer, and this has helped them to position themselves in the market. Their sunglasses are beautifully displayed on the shelves, making them to be easily spotted by customers and motivate them to buy.

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